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4 Tips For Finding Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses

Not everyone is gifted with good eyesight, and while some people have great vision, they tend to take their sight for granted and neglect their eye health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 285 million people globally have some form of visual impairment, with 39 million having lost complete eyesight.

Thankfully, various types of corrective technology are emerging in the optical landscape, one of them being eyeglasses. These pairs of corrective eyewear are truly functional, stylish, and convenient for day-to-day use. To truly enjoy and be comfortable with wearing eyeglasses, it’s paramount to have the right pair fit tailored for your needs.

4 Tips For Finding Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses

The Perfect Pair For Low Nose Bridges

People have different facial features, which may or may not help with their journey to wearing eyeglasses. Unfortunately, individuals with low nose bridges face far more struggles than other people as most eyeglasses don’t cater to them. Those with higher cheekbones and broader heads also encounter the same challenges.

Manufacturers producing and designing eyeglasses typically cater to people with the following facial features: slimmer bone structure, average height cheekbones, and higher nose bridge, which usually accompany the Caucasian population.

On the other hand, many individuals such as the Asian population possess the opposite features—broader faces, higher cheekbones located just beneath the eyes, and low nose bridges. Because of these differences, people wearing ordinary eyeglasses experience the following difficulties:

  • Arms of the frame pinching their temples
  • Eyewear placement fogs the lenses quickly
  • Lenses rub against the eyes or eyelashes
  • Eyeglasses move easily when smiling or laughing
  • Eyeglasses sliding down the nose
  • Frames constantly hit the cheek

Due to this discomfort, you may not prefer wearing eyeglasses anymore despite wanting to improve your eyesight. With today’s advancements, innovations are now made easy. People having difficulties with standard fit eyeglasses no longer have to dread and endure their struggles as low nose bridge eyeglasses are now an option.

What Are Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses?

Low nose bridge eyeglasses, also known as Asian fit eyeglasses, are a type of corrective eyewear with frames shaped for people with low nose bridges, high to average cheekbone structure, and broad faces.

With this pair of eyeglasses, the wearer can experience long-lasting fit and comfort. You won’t need to worry about adjusting your eyeglasses multiple times a day because of slippage, tightness of frame, lens fogginess, and cheek rashes from the heavy frame.

Thanks to the growing popularity of this type of eyeglasses, they’re getting more accessible to both physical and online optical stores and clinics.

How Are Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses Different?

Essentially, there are two significant features of Asian fit eyeglasses. First, low nose bridge eyeglasses have wider nose pads to prevent them from sliding down your nose. This feature is highly advantageous for people with heavier and thicker lenses due to poorer eyesight. You can also have it customized with adjustable nose pads for a more tailored fit.

Second, using tilted lenses is an additional feature of Asian fit eyeglasses you can opt for. They’re slightly tilted and angled away from your cheeks to avoid applying force in them.

Tips For Finding Low Nose Bridge Eyeglasses

Asian fit eyeglasses aren’t created equal, and it’s paramount to find the perfect fit for you. If you’re planning to get your pair, make sure you’ve consulted first with your eye doctor and have your eyewear prescription. Having an outdated prescription will only allow you to have good eyewear built, but not the lenses.

Here are some of the best tips in finding low nose bridge eyeglasses suitable for your personal use:

1. Check Your Local Optical Clinic

Before doing an in-depth search from in-store and offline stores, start looking in optical clinics and stores within your area. Many eye doctors also offer corrective eyewear right from their clinic, so you won’t have to look elsewhere.

Moreover, only look for optical clinics and stores with certified eye professionals. Most of them have a resident eyewear consultant to assist you in choosing.

2. Ask People With The Same Situation

You’re not the only one experiencing these eyewear difficulties. If you know any relatives or friends who wear eyeglasses and possess the same facial features mentioned, don’t hesitate to ask for their eyewear recommendations.

If you’re lucky enough, the recommended eyewear store may even grant you a discount for the referral. Some clinics may also offer custom-fit eyeglasses where you can design your pair with the help of an eyewear consultant. However, expect they’re more expensive than ready-made pairs.

3. Pick The Right Frame

Wearing a different type of eyewear doesn’t mean you can’t be playful and stylish with other aspects of your eyeglasses. One way to express yourself with your specs is by choosing your frame shape and style. Take note of two things when picking frames that’ll complement your face: shape and preference.

4. Never Settle For A Cheap One

Your eyeglasses will be an extension of your eyesight, so never settle for a cheap pair. They don’t have to be expensive, as there are numerous affordable and mid-range options available.

Here are some tips in differentiating good quality eyeglasses from cheap ones:

  • Opt for an eyeglass body with acetate finishing. You can examine this by looking at the color’s richness and the overall feel in your hand.

  • Look for spring hinges offering more flexibility when wearing. They also help your eyewear last a lot longer as they’re not prone to brittleness and breakage.
  • Pay attention to minute details adding to the style and sophistication of your specs, such as logo engravings, rivets, accent colors, and the like.
  • Specs warranties are also a plus, as they can indicate the frame manufacturers stand behind the quality of their work.

Invest for a quality eyeglass than settling for a cheaper pair to ensure durability and to avoid compromise. In this way, your sight would have the optimum eyewear it deserves.

Take-home Message

Eyewear comes in all shapes and sizes. In the same way, they fit people with various needs and preferences differently. As eyewear brands before can’t cater to everyone’s optical needs, a few of them stepped up to take the initiative in designing eyeglasses fit for people with low nose bridges.

If you’re one of those, Asian fit eyeglasses are indeed worth looking into.

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