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Tips to Choose and Wear Women Straw Fedora Hats

Some hundred years ago, no woman of status or style would step out of the house without wearing a hat. In this article, let’s take a close look at the iconic straw fedora hat, tips to choose the perfect one, and tips for wearing it perfectly. Even though hats no longer remain a staple that every woman owns, an unstuffy yet classic fedora continues to have a special place in dapper woman’s closets who desire to stand out.

Today, these light hats have evolved into more modern and stylish designs customized to suit women’s tastes. Some have details such as braided bands, ribbon, print, or silk to offer a new and more feminine look. Besides, there are multiple colors to pick from to cater to one’s distinct needs. 

Tips to Choose the Right Hat 

  • Find the Hat Size – Before start shopping, it is crucial to know one’s hat size. Measuring the size of the hat takes just a couple of seconds through the hat size chart.
  • Decide on the Fedora Style – One needs to decide on the style of straw fedora hat that they want; is it fancy or casual? Today these hats are available for every occasion, so one needs to think about where she will wear hers. The casual ones have leather straps, while the fancy ones have fur.
  • Select the Fedora Shape – Beginning with the bash or dent, and there are different types to select from. They are also available with various forms of side dents and brim sizes. A woman needs to consider her face shape. Specific forms of fedora hats look good or suit different face shapes. A square shape, for instance, looks perfect in center dent straw fedora hats, whereas medium brim fedoras having pinched fronts will suit heart-shaped faces.  
  • Check Accents and Color – A woman needs to think about the outfit she will wear the straw fedora hat with. A black fedora, for instance, will match just any outfit color. On the contrary, if a woman accepts a particular set of clothes, she should think about how her fedora color will highlight or enhance the shades in the outfit. For best quality straw fedora hats,

The hat must not be so big for the head and not drop down over one’s forehead. Instead, it must comfortably rest above the center of their forehead, above the ears.

Tips to Perfectly Wear a Fedora Hat 

Below are some tips to perfectly wear a fedora hat

  • Should Fit – A big hat will look good on a big head and vice versa. One should ensure that the hat perfectly fits the wearer and feels comfortable before purchase. If the hat is extremely tight or falls off the head constantly, one will not want to wear it often.
  • Match the Style – Some fedoras have wide bands with decorations while others do not. Resting on one’s style and what they are on the lookout for, she will need to decide. 
  • Wear on Dressy Occasions – Wearing a straw fedora hat is a stylish means of looking classy and original at fancy events. It is ideal for wearing at weddings, dances, or other fancy parties.
  • Wear it with Jeans – Being a dressy hat, you need to dress up the outfit a little if you are wearing it with jeans. You can do this by pairing the jeans with that of a blazer.
  • Dress the Fedora Down – For doing this, one needs to pair her fedora hat with nice shoes, slacks, and tight-fitting sweaters. It will be an ideal outfit for wearing out at a school dance or out to dinner. 

Fedoras are available in different styles, and there is one to suit every woman. Of the various materials, it is the straw fedora hats that are in great demand. Resting on one’s dress, the occasion type, and the weather will help determine what style will fit her best. Though the nostalgia to shop in town for one’s new fedora hat has faded, the online revolution has paved the way for a better fedora hat purchasing experience.

Today there is a plethora of benefits available. Online hat retailers possess access to many brands, which means one can shop designer straw fedora hats across the globe from her sofa. Such stores provide customers with more choices while purchasing a fedora hat. With the plethora of variety, one can find that straw fedora hat that ideally suits and enhances one’s style and taste.

Thus, one can instantly start shopping for such hats by browsing their selection if they know what to search for. You can filter it by specific type, color, and style. So what are you waiting for? Try this interesting accessory and see it for yourself. You will surely want more. 

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