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4 Tips to Remove Clutter From Home – Clutter-free Home

Clutter can accumulate in a really sneaky way, especially if you have been in the same home for years. We start to accrue multiple items that serve the same purpose or collect knick-knacks and decor that is no longer cohesive with our original design or vision.

Worst of all is the ongoing gain of items that have no function in our lives but take up precious space in our worlds. While decluttering can be a cathartic process, it can also be a little overwhelming and emotional. So, here are four tips to remove clutter from your home to support you on this journey.

How to Remove Clutter from Your Home

1. Develop a Plan

Decluttering takes time, and that time only grows with the size of your home or collection of stuff. Because of this, it’s really important to develop a plan at the beginning of the decluttering process. The types of things you should include in your plan are:

  • The approach you’ll take; one room at a time is highly recommended
  • The options you have for storage in your community; for example, if you’re moving to Houston, you’ll look for moving and storage in Houston
  • The people that you can and will call on to help you out throughout this journey.

You also need to plan on the possible outcomes for your stuff. Will you have keep, discard and donate piles? Will you have piles for things that you’ll keep in the home vs. a pile for storage items? Answering these questions for yourself at the beginning of this process will reduce your stress.

2. Keepsakes

Keepsake items are often a huge area of stress when it comes to removing clutter from your home. These items have emotional significance but may not serve a direct purpose or have a utility in your daily life.

When it comes to photos, you can either take the approach of displaying your family photos around your home or creating digital copies with a photo scanner. You might also need to remind yourself that choosing to discard any keepsake objects doesn’t take away your memory of the person or event they represent.

3. Books

Books take up so much space, and for many people, books can feel deeply connected to one’s identity or knowledge base. Because of this, it can be really difficult to sell or donate books, so one approach would be to stop accruing more books.

You can do this by using an e-reader, which allows you to rent from a library or purchase electronic books. Yes, this means you can have a whole library in the palm of your hand! Once you’ve gone through your books and determined the ones you value enough to keep and the ones you can part with, it’s time to organize your bookcase in a way that stays clutter-free and remains functional.

4. Clothing

The closet can be an area particularly ridden with clutter. And honestly, it’s not shocking. Clothing is something we wear every day and change based on where we are going, who we are seeing, and the weather or time of day.

It’s so easy to shop for variety and options and then feel overwhelmed by the number of items shoved into your closet. So here we need to consider two things. The first is determining clothing items you wear, considering what your daily essentials are and which items you wear least often. The second is using a closet organization system that works for you, whether to have as much hanging space as possible or utilize drawers for almost everything. Removing clutter from your home doesn’t need to be stressful or feel like an impossible feat. Use the tips provided here; once you have a plan and can tackle some of the primary items that clutter your space, you’ll tackle decluttering like a pro.

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