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An Invisalign Guide to Straightening Teeth – Teeth Straightening for Adults

Invisalign has received a lot of attention recently because it’s such an effective way to straighten teeth. However, the treatment might be unfamiliar to you since it’s relatively new. We will explain more about Invisalign braces in this guide to help you get straighter teeth. An Invisalign Guide to Straightening Teeth.

Teeth straightening options guide for adults

Describe Invisalign in a few words.

It’s another form of teeth aligner that’s virtually “invisible” (as its name implies). In place of traditional metal braces, aligners are virtually invisible. A removable, transparent tray fits over your teeth comfortably.

Transparent plastic is used for the trays. As for the material, it’s pretty translucent, so you can’t really tell you have them on. It is for this reason that many adults and teenagers prefer Invisalign over traditional braces.

Also, the trays are made according to a 3-dimensional impression of your whole mouth. Consequently, the aligners will shift the teeth to their correct positions. If you continue to use the trays, you will need to replace them every few weeks.

Invisalign Straightens Teeth, but How?

As with metal braces, invisalign uses gentle pressure to move teeth steadily. As your teeth move into a more optimal position, your customized aligners aid in the process. I feel a little discomfort, but it’s not painful. Do not worry about it. Your aligners are working when it happens naturally.

The aligners, however, must be worn for a minimum of 20 hours per day. With conventional braces, however, there is no option to remove trays.

The treatment time with Invisalign is usually shorter compared with other orthodontic techniques. The Invisalign process typically takes about half the time of braces.

You may need to have your bite and teeth examined depending on their severity. Generally, mild dental flaws require a six- to 12-month recovery period. Your orthodontist might require If your problem is more complex and takes longer to solve, you may wear the trays for up to 18 months.

Treatment duration is also affected by the patient’s commitment to wearing their aligners. Therefore, you should wear the aligners for at least 20 hours every day so that they do their job properly.

When Will Invisalign Straighten Your Teeth?

As each person’s gums and teeth move through Invisalign differently, the treatment time can be slightly different. However, Invisalign usually takes about nine to twelve months to straighten teeth. To maintain their results, most patients will wear a night-time retainer during this phase.

As mentioned above, you need to wear your Invisalign retainers for 20-22 hours a day. They can only be removed when eating, brushing your teeth, or drinking hot drinks. In addition to softening and losing its shape, heat makes the plastic soft.

After eating, brush your teeth immediately afterwards to avoid having food stuck underneath them because the aligners cover your entire mouth. Approximately every 4-6 weeks you will have to visit the dentist’s office for new aligners and to monitor how things are going. As long as your next appointment doesn’t take place before you use those aligners.

How well does Invisalign work compared to metal braces?

There is no doubt that Invisalign patients have healthier gums compared to patients with braces. Furthermore, they are less likely to develop tooth decay and bad breath.

This is primarily due to the removable nature of the aligners. These can be easily washed and flossed.

Your oral hygiene routine would require no more than cleaning your invisible trays. In order to keep your Invisalign aligners clean, soak them in a special cleaning solution. Be sure that they are brushed frequently.

Metal braces, however, cover a large part of your teeth. Consequently, food debris gets trapped inside the braces’ crevices. Plaque and tartar are the results of bacteria cultivated from left-over food.

You do not have to worry about food restrictions with aligners because you can remove them. It is best to avoid foods high in sugar and starch, however.

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