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5 Tips For Packing Before A Move

Moving homes is a lot of work and stress, unfortunately packing often piles on even more stress. So instead of procrastinating and waiting until the last 48 hours, the best long distance movers from New York are here for your packing before you move..

Declutter Everything You Can

Don’t bring clutter with you from your old home into your new one. Instead, take the time as you pack and go through your items. Decide if each item is better to keep, donate, sell, or trash. This process will result in a lot of unsightly piles, but don’t let that get to you. These are part of the process. From here, follow through and get rid of any unneeded items. The less clutter you move with, the more mental space you’ll have while looking at Calgary homes for sale.

Pack By Room and Area

Staring down packing an entire home can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath, and plan out your packing job room by room. There’s no reason to try and run around. This is also a great way to ensure the boxes can be clearly labeled and then delivered to the rooms they belong to. Try to keep each box area specific. Of course, the last couple you pack may be a mix of everything that’s left in a space: don’t let that discourage or overwhelm you! Just ensure that you clearly label that box for later.

Save Your Kitchen And Bathroom for Last

When packing from room to room, save your kitchen and bathroom for the last spaces. You’ll have to cook and eat, and shower and use the bathroom, so these rooms should be the last that gets packed and the first that gets unpacked. If you don’t follow this plan, you might find yourself ordering many takeout meals, which will quickly add up. A move is already expensive; avoid the extra cost by ensuring you can cook for yourself and use your new home immediately.

Pack Boxes Intelligently

The large moving boxes for sale are not for heavy items. The heavier an item, the smaller a container it should be in. Large boxes are better for comforters, quilts, and clothing. Your box is only as good as your taping job, and if you do a poor job, or the tape is too thin, and the package is full of heavy items: your box may spill into the moving truck or across your driveway. Avoid this by packing the boxes intelligently.

Don’t Keep Things In Dressers.

Although it may seem tempting to keep everything in the dressers and tape them closed for the move’s duration: don’t do this! Clothing can quickly add weight to everything it’s in, and it’s even worse if you keep things like paperwork or random items in your drawers as well. The weight will be difficult on the movers and may accidentally drop or break the dresser or cabinet. Be safe and empty and pack every drawer instead of trying to move it as one unit. The couple of minutes of extra work is worth ensuring you don’t accidentally break your dresser or harm a hired mover.

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