The Booming Business of Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Barcelona

The Booming Business of Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Barcelona

In the mainland of north-eastern Spain, there sits the beautiful capital Barcelona that harbours magnificent architectural designs, unique cultural experiences, and exquisite galleries that attract tourists from all over the globe. They are not; however, the only reasons people from all walks of life want to visit Barcelona.

The wondrous city has earned its spot in the competitive facial cosmetic surgery arena due to its doctors’ portrayal of professional expertise. Moreover, there is the successful completion of well-executed cosmetic plastic surgeries. This, in turn, garners more accolades for those in the profession.

Barcelona’s long history of facial cosmetic surgery

Spaniards have always been particular about their looks. The obsession with looking and staying young did not start recently, both women and men alike. The industry of facial cosmetic surgery has been thriving for quite some time now in the country.

Barcelona has also had a long record of proving time and time again the distinct authority it has in the facial cosmetic surgery industry. In 2010, Barcelonian doctors were the first to perform a full face transplant led by plastic surgeon Dr. Joan Pere Barret. The whole procedure, which went on for 24 hours, was conducted at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital by a collaborative team effort of 30 medical members. This prestigious achievement was recognized all around the world, especially amongst their facial cosmetic surgery counterparts.

Consequently, the monumental event led to Barcelona furthering its credibility in the competitive market of facial plastic surgery. Clients flocked and up to date, have been flocking the great capital of Spain to seek facial procedures like:-

  • Facelifts(Rhytidectomy)
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Forehead lift
  • Cheek implants (cheek augmentation)
  • Chin reduction surgery
  • Nose surgery(Rhinoplasty)
  • Lip enhancement(lip augmentation)
  • Neck lift
  • Brow lift
  • Botox
  • Ear augmentation
  • Jaw lift

Why people are drawn to Barcelona’s cosmetic facial surgeons

Thailand, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, etc are just a few of the countries that rake in profits with medical tourism; low prices for facial procedures being the number one determining factor for their demand.

English speaking clinics

When it comes to Spain, its repertoire is the main reason why people love to go there. The profession is prioritized in the country and doctors ( who go to school for approximately 10 years) are considered to be a vital sector of the medical practice. The programs and training offered are strict and to the letter, thus, getting completely ready and qualified in their area of expertise. Credibility to the outside world is important to them.

The seriousness of their craft extends to also having English-speaking clinics. These clinics place Barcelona at an added advantage because many nationalities that frequent the capital are from English-speaking countries. People are always put at ease when they can understand and comfortably communicate with other people, in any given situation.

Well renowned cosmetic plastic surgery conferences

Thousands of medical cosmetic surgery experts gather in Barcelona every year to attend various conferences that are associated with cosmetic plastic surgery.  Earlier this year in June, the global PARS conference (Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery) was hosted in Barcelona, attracting prestigious plastic surgeons from all over the world. The country, in the coming years, has scheduled conferences already of similar nature, like the International Conference of Plastic surgery and Cosmetic (ICPSC)

The seriousness that they carry and exhibit in the profession is cause for clients to choose a Barcelona clinic over any other.

Affordable prices

Cosmetic facial surgery in Barcelona is also quite affordable. The clinics offer rates that are about 30% cheaper than the European countries or the United States. Unfortunately, prices are not readily available online. However, consultations are encouraged when looking for a reputable doctor in Barcelona. Even though the knowledge of prices is based on a consultation basis, chances are high that you will get a reasonable price.

On the other hand, you have to consider that the price is also dependent on how many sessions you have to go through. Procedures present many variables that you can’t exactly pinpoint the outcome of how many or how long sessions are going to take.

Additionally, Flights to Barcelona are also cheap and affordable. You can go on vacation and also visit a cosmetic facial surgeon’s clinic. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

The cosmetic surgery phenomenon during the 2020 lockdown

Facial cosmetic surgery has rapidly been gaining in demand and popularity over the years worldwide. In fact, during the lockdown in 2020, there was an increase in patients virtually consulting their cosmetic plastic surgeons for various facial procedures to be performed, once the lockdown ended. Referred to as the ‘Zoom Boom’ this craze is not only exclusive to self-facial analysis caused by idleness during the quarantine. Additionally, the phenomenon burst at its seams and has crossed borders and is no longer a ‘thing’, but the ‘thing’ to do when you notice a wrinkle or two on your forehead.

Barcelona was no exception to the ‘Zoom boom’ craze either. During the rising COVID cases in 2020, Spain was hit hard at some point, and people were using video chat apps more than ever to talk to their doctors due to social distancing regulations. Of course, as things gradually get back to normal, patients and their doctors are now physically interacting with each other. Nonetheless, the video chat consultations continue, and with 3D technology available for before and after images, cosmetic facial surgery is still doing pretty well in Barcelona.

What does the future hold for cosmetic facial surgery in Barcelona?

From the look of things, cosmetic facial surgery culture in Spain isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Vanity is still running rampant in our everyday to day life, and Spain is no exception. Conferences of cosmetic facial surgery nature are booked back to back in the city of Barcelona and so are appointments in cosmetic facial surgery clinics. Of course, as with anything else in life, carefully do your research in your quest for a cosmetic facial surgeon in Barcelona.

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