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6 Hacks to Add to Your Morning Routine

Everyone’s morning routine looks different, but all morning routines can be improved so that you wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to start the day. While sometimes your morning routine may not go smoothly, there are things to add to your routine to ensure that you have a great day. Here are some hacks to add to your morning routine.

6 Best Morning Routine Life Hacks

1. Minimize Your To-Do List

One of the best time management techniques for your morning is getting as much done as possible the night before. You can easily minimize your morning to-do list by laying everything you need out the night before, including your clothes, items you’ll need for your workout, makeup, and a charged laptop.

You can even start doing things such as adding coffee to your coffee maker the night before so that you have one less thing to do in the morning. If you have the time the night before, you should also consider prepping your meals so that you don’t have to make your lunch as soon as you wake up in the morning.

2. Wake Up With Light

Light can help you wake up feeling more refreshed, while darkness can make you feel tired even after eight hours of sleep. While you may avoid watching television an hour before bed because you don’t want to be kept up too late due to the blue light, you can also make sure that you have light to wake you up automatically.

If you wake up before the sun comes out, or you prefer to have your shades drawn for sleep, try a sunrise alarm clock that will wake you up with gentle light so that you can kickstart your morning.

3. Change Up Your Drink

Change Up Your Drink

Many people start the day with a cup of coffee, but they don’t really think about what effects that coffee can have on their bodies or minds. Instead, coffee is just a part of their routine. While some people feel more energized and alert thanks to coffee, it can also have the opposite effect, especially after the caffeine has worn off.

While coffee does have health benefits associated with it, caffeinated tea is a healthy and tasty alternative. Tea can also be a nice change for your morning so that you can see how different levels of caffeine affect you from the time you wake up until the time you fall asleep at night.

4. Wake Up for Self Care

If you’re someone who never seems to have time for their morning skincare routine, then you might want to consider waking up fifteen minutes early for self-care. During this fifteen-minute interval, make sure that you don’t do anything but your morning self-care routine, which can include brushing your teeth, moisturizing, and putting on your makeup. After you’ve completed your routine, you can do things like checking your email or making your coffee.

5. Stop Hitting Snooze

Hitting snooze a few times before you wake up may seem like it’s a part of your routine, but it’s a part that you should leave out going forward. Unfortunately, hitting snooze on your alarm can have a negative effect on your body, which can have a negative effect on your entire day.

When you sleep in for just a few extra minutes, you can upset your circadian rhythm, which leads to grogginess that can last all morning or even all day. Sleeping for five extra minutes won’t make you feel more awake, so it’s not worth losing those five minutes that you could be using to get ready for the day.

6. Make Your Bed

Making your bed can seem like something that’s pointless and a waste of time because you’ll just get in your bed later that night. However, making your bed allows you to feel like you’ve accomplished something for the day, no matter how simple or small it may be. By starting your day off by accomplishing one task, you’ll feel more motivated to accomplish other tasks.

The morning is perhaps the most crucial part of any day because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Use these tips to create a great morning routine and start your days off right.

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