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8 Fashion Trends for the year 2020 – Latest Fashion Trends

The world of fashion is super exciting, and everything seems to be changing continuously. New trends are making it into the spotlight, while some old ones are resurfacing. If you want to look chic and stylish this year, you need to know about some of the most prominent fashion trends and styles. Therefore, today I will share some trends that caught my eye in the latest fashion shows, keep reading to learn more.

Top Fashion Trends 2020

Fashion Trends for the year 2020


Leather isn’t only for the winters anymore; it is more an all-year-round material. From classy leather skirts to pants and dresses. Leather is a material that is not showing any sight of going out of fashion.

Moreover, black and tan aren’t the only colours you can choose either; this year has shown us an amazing trend of bright colored leather clothing.

Neon colours:

Neon colours were a big hit in 2019, and they are carrying on this year as well. Almost every fashion show had numerous models wearing bright neon jackets, shirts, dresses and every other kind of clothing. Colours like neon greens, orange, purple and pink were very prominent.

If these colours are a bit overwhelming for you, you can always implement them to your purse or other accessories. But if you want your outfit to be exceptionally unique and trendy at the same time, you should get some neon colored custom t-shirts, so check out some online stores that do custom t-shirt printing.

power suits:

Forget about the old pantsuits; this year has shown us some of the best suits for ladies. These elegant and formal outfits are perfect for women who mean business. They are super classy, and you can see Hollywood stars like Blake Lively wear them perfectly in the premiere of the film “A simple favour.”

Animal prints:

Animal prints are another trend that is making a great comeback this year. However, instead of prints like leopard and zebra that were very common previously, you can expect to see snakeskin print become the most common animal print of 2020.


Fringes were big in the 80s, but they are definitely back with a bang. Whether it is on jackets, dresses or even accessories like handbags, incorporating some fringes into your style will make you look super chic and trendy.

Fanny packs:

The accessory that was thought to be the pinnacle of the “dad style” has now become one of the more prolific trends of 2020. Nobody is making fun of people with fanny packs any more as they have made an unexpected entrance into the world of fashion. Fanny packs were featured heavily at the NYFW.


With the advent of the athleisure trend, people are looking for more and more innovative ways to wear gym clothes outside the gym. From athletic bike shorts to sports sweatshirt and sweatpants combos. Athletic wear is making a grand entrance into the fashion field, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

You can expect to see a lot of oversized sleeves on workout tops, cropped hoodies, running shoes, sneakers and bike shorts this year. Therefore, if you like to maintain a sporty look, this is the year for you.


Techwear is a new trend that is still quite fresh. It hasn’t made an impact like some of the other trends on this list, but you can be certain that it will be big in the coming years. With tech wear, you can expect your clothes to have more functionality and some super innovative features. However, smartwatches and Fitbits have been in style for a long time.

Lastly, I don’t claim to be some fashion expert, but over the years of keeping up with fashion trends, I have had a lot of exposure to it. Therefore, here were my picks of the most prominent fashion trends that you can expect to see in 2020. I hope that you find this post helpful and entertaining.

Author Bio:

Liam Bold is a fashion student based in France. He spends a significant amount of time working for trends on the internet and loves all the high street brands. He regularly shares his ideas about how to get better in style and to put together outfits. You can check out his ideas at

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