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A Compact Guide To Using Peonies As Wedding Flowers

A wedding checklist isn’t complete without a selection of the best blooms for your wedding day. However, choosing one can be tough if you have more than a hundred flowers to choose from. Should you pick one based on color or season? 

Perhaps you want fresh blossoms that will go well with your wedding theme? Or florals that symbolize your love and all things you desire for your union? Maybe you want one that speaks volumes through its beauty and elegance, one that evokes joy and celebration.   

If you find yourself nodding to all of these, then peonies might be a perfect match for you and your groom. Known as the ‘king of flowers,’ peonies symbolize every good thing in marriage—love, happiness, and good health. They come in colors, such as white, pink, red, coral, deep purple, mahogany, bright yellow, and even blue. 

Peonies are great wedding flowers no matter the season you decide. And whether you choose a traditional, modern, boho, or any theme, peonies can add color and life to your wedding in countless ways.  So, if you’re on the hunt for the best wedding flowers, there’s no mistake that peonies might be a must for your special day.

Peonies For Your Wedding 

Deciding on peonies as your wedding flower is only the first step. You’ll also need to figure out if you’ll go all out or if you plan to include other types of flowers in your arrangements. If you’re for pure peonies, then choosing colors based on the season you’re tying the knot is your next bet.  

Peonies in purple and burgundy hues can be great choices for after-holiday nuptials. They can add a twist to the winter wedding vibe. For those whose wedding date coincides with spring, classic pink peonies make it more romantic. For fall weddings, coral and apricot tones or a combination of white and orange blooms can make it more special. Summer unions can brighten up with yellow peonies and other warm tones.  

Now that you’ve set your color scheme, you can now use peonies to flower up your wedding party and your venue. Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

  • Wedding Bouquet

Bridal flowers are on top of the list, as they are the central bridal accessory during the wedding. You’ll be holding a peonies wedding bouquet throughout the wedding and reception so, it’s best to focus on this essential piece.  

You can opt for a florist to arrange the fluffy blooms or ask them to use them as an accent flower in your wedding bouquet. If you want a traditional bouquet, you can pair them with roses in complementing colors. In contrast, modern versions include wildflowers, ranunculus, anemones, and lisianthus.  

  • Groom’s Boutonniere

Create a matching peony boutonniere for your groom to keep your florals consistent. Though, some florists might advise against it because their large-size, golf-sized peony buds can do the trick. Add a bit of green with dusty miller or eucalyptus leaves, and your man will look equally dashing.  

  • Corsage For Moms And Grandparents

Peonies also work well as corsages for parents and grandparents on both sides of the family. Stepmoms also get to wear corsages during the wedding.  

You can read up about corsage fun facts to guide you in creating corsages. Additionally, you can follow the same tip of using smaller buds for chest corsages. Should you opt for wrist corsages, choose fuller blooms based on your chosen color and wedding theme.  

  • Floral Crown For Bridesmaids And Flower Girls 

Besides bouquets and flower baskets with peony petals, you can also adorn your bridesmaids and flower girls with peony floral crowns. You can choose a full crown filled with these blooms or choose several large ones coupled with greens, ribbons, or other flowers.  

  • Ring Photos

Peonies also make great backdrops for ring photos. Rings symbolize unending unions and go well with peonies symbolism of love and happiness.  

Your wedding rings will shine brighter when laid against the soft, lush petals. And for sure, your wedding photographers will love taking pics with your rings and wedding flowers as both go hand in hand in beauty and symbolism.   

  • Ceremony Wreath

Aside from florals for your wedding party, peonies also do well as wedding and reception decorations. Greet your guests with a ceremony wreath that speaks of your chosen wedding theme.  

As with other arrangements, you can choose a strict peonies-only wreath or add filler flowers as well. Well-chosen leaves can give volume to your wreath and give it a wow factor.

  • Wedding Arches And Altars

Florals give altars and arches a romantic and whimsical feel. Peonies, in particular, make wedding entrances and backdrops set the tone for your wedding. Aside from using eco-friendly materials, such as wooden posts, branches, and leaves, you can also include curtains or lights for your peony wedding arch or altar.  

  • Table Décor

Peonies also make wonderful table arrangements. You can use them as a centerpiece, place setting décor, or as favors display. Aside from peonies, you can also add non-flower options to fill your tables with delightful displays of flora and of course, food.  

Peonies aren’t just for tabletops, as you can also get creative with a cascading floral arrangement for your own table. For this, you’ll need large-sized blooms to make it stand out from the rest of the decorations.   

  • Cake Decoration 

Think peonies are simply for bouquets or tables? Well, they also make great cake toppers. You can choose fresh blooms or have your cake maker create sugar flowers with peony designs. You can opt to have peonies hand-painted on your cake for a more artistic flair.  

Adding peonies to your cake sets your wedding to a higher level for the eyes and taste buds. A must-try for any peony-lover!

  • Flower Walls

Flower walls are last but not the least of the ways you can incorporate peonies on your wedding day. They add a touch of elegance to your wedding reception and make great spots for selfies for you and your guests.  

You can ask for a professional craft, one for you, or better yet, make it your DIY wedding project. Go ahead and unleash your creativity and have fun with peonies. While you’re at it, you can also practice your poses for your wedding day.  

Peony Flower Power 

Choosing peonies as your wedding flower opens you to varieties of options for color, bloom size, and wedding theme. As mentioned, you can use peonies in whatever shade or combination you want to adorn your bridal party or as décor for your wedding and reception venue. Choosing peonies does not only showcase your elegant taste but also allows you to get creative. Best of all, these blossoms symbolize all things well, not just for your wedding day but throughout your marriage.  

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