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Refresh Your Wardrobe with These Men’s Sunglasses

To protect your eyes from the harmful sunlight and UV rays should not imply having to pay the price through unflattering sunglasses that weigh down your face. Change is good, and so is the need to occasionally overhaul one’s outlook and appearance. To reinvent yourself, you can change the smallest things about your look. A great step in that direction can be purchasing a pair of men’s sunglasses that frame your face and make everyone do a double-take. From professional to hipster, your sunglasses can be elevated from a mere necessity to a style essential. Therefore, to add some life back into your wardrobe, find the aesthetic that best communicates your personality.

Men’s sunglasses are a niche corner of fashion that has evolved over the decades, making a subtle yet effortless addition to one’s appearance. Frame shapes designed to be universally flattering and faultlessly functional, sunglasses are an interesting space to experiment with new trends.

Let us take a closer look at some of the best men’s sunglasses that can breathe some life into your wardrobe:

Best men’s sunglasses List

1. The Wayfarer

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of wayfarers that can completely transform your appearance from casual to chic within seconds. Designed to be the best synthesis of comfort, protection and versatility, wayfarers embody a spirit of freedom and effortless style. The lenses on a wayfarer are also great for protection from UV radiation round the year and can be styled with beachwear and winter wear alike.

2. The Wraparound

A recent rendition of the Oakleys of the past, the wraparounds are functional and a spruced up pair of men’s sunglasses. They are designed to be a great addition to your wardrobe with little effort. The glasses are made to sit snug on the wearer’s face, maximising its protective capabilities and protecting you from harmful radiation. The wraparound can be a great pair for those whose style leans more towards urban streetwear, athleisure or even casual wear. When worn on top of a simple outfit, this pair can lift your appearance and give you an air of effortlessness and approachability.

3. The Aviator

Often dubbed the most fashionable and basic necessity that one must have in their wardrobe, the aviators have travelled decades and still not gone out of style. With its iconic bridge and teardrop-shaped lenses made for the best protection, aviators are the ideal accessory to transform your outfit in one go. Versatile for most face shapes, the aviators are great to be styled with apparel of all kinds, where the glasses tie together the look into that of a polished, stylish and chic person.

4. Square Rimmed

In the pursuit of looking for the best pair of men’s sunglasses to breathe some life into your wardrobe and style, one will find that square rimmed sunglasses to be one of the most fail-proof accessories that one can own. This particular frame shape is meant to give off a sharp and professional aesthetic, but when bought in lighter lenses and quirkier frames, it can quickly become a statement piece and turn you into your fashionable best. Owing to their fitted design, these are great protective men’s sunglasses as well, especially for those with rounder faces.

5. Round Glasses

Vintage and debonair at the same time, round men’s sunglasses are swiftly making a return to the scene due to their nostalgic and stylish feel. These glasses are great for styling up one’s existing wardrobe, turning you into an intellectual or a rock star within seconds. The lenses are paired with the fitted bridge usually found on thin frames, making it lightweight and chic at the same time. Round men’s sunglasses are also great for square or angular faces, as the contracts perfectly play off of each other, giving you a polished appearance.

Popular brands like Fastrack have a multitude of designs for you to choose from in your search for a characteristic pair of men’s sunglasses. From various frames, lenses, and colour options, finding the pair to help you upgrade your wardrobe becomes a lot easier.

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