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A Short Comparison of Human and Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can help boost your looks in no time. But whether you use tape in hair extensions or any other extension according to your hair type, you have to decide if you need to buy human or synthetic hair extensions.
If you find it hard to choose among two types, keep reading this blog to find six major differences between human and synthetic hair extensions to help you make the right buying decision.

Difference of shades

Difference of shades

It’s safe to say that human hair extensions have superior shades and looks. These extensions look stunning thanks to the multi-tonal technology. Human hair extensions complement the color of your natural hair and give a seamless look.

You can get any shade you want with human hair extensions as they are easier to die. On the other hand, synthetic extensions do not have a variety of shades. Most of the synthetic extensions available in the market have warmer tones.

Difference of texture

Human hair extensions are famous for their texture. These extensions are amazing to touch. These extensions are made of natural protein, so they blend nicely with your hair and give a silky look.

On the other hand, synthetic extensions are not as glossy as human hair extensions. Because these extensions are made of “chemicals,” they can never give you a stunning look. Hair strands in synthetic hair extensions can lump together and start looking messy.

Difference of lifespan

If you want to get good value for your money, you should buy human hair extensions. These extensions can last somewhere between 3 to 12 month, depending on the method of extension you choose. However, you must maintain your  hair extensions carefully if you want them to last longer.

Synthetic hair extensions are made with short-term use in mind. You cannot increase the lifespan of synthetic hair extensions even if you use them with great care.

Difference of appearance

Difference of appearance

Human hair extensions are easier to carry and maintain. Due to these reasons, they look better in your hair than synthetic hair extensions.

Their soft and silky feel makes your hair appear healthy and stunning. Another great advantage of human hair extensions is that you can run an extension friendly brush through  them whenever you want.

Synthetic hair extensions are comparatively difficult to handle. The lack of moisture in synthetic hair extensions makes them difficult to comb.

Difference of styling

Difference of styling

The best thing about human hair extensions is that you can style them the way you want. You can heat human hair extensions and use them to achieve any hairstyle. Heating doesn’t disturb the look and feel of human hair extensions.

Styling gets difficult with synthetic hair extensions as they cannot tolerate heat. Improper heating can cause synthetic hair extensions to melt.

Difference of blending

You won’t face any difficulties when you try blending human hair extensions with your hair. These extensions don’t get tangled over time. Synthetic hair extensions are difficult to blend with your hair, and detangling them is also difficult.


Both human and synthetic hair extensions have their specific applications. It’s better to ask your stylist to buy the extensions according to your hair type and the look you want to achieve.

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