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Latest Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo Review & Benefits

Is your hair falling? In India, about 40% of women deal with visible hair loss. There are many types of hair loss; the most common in women is called female-pattern hair loss. Women in India use a lot of home remedies and products to deal with the problem, but most of them fail because there is no authentic product that helps to deal with hair loss. We present you with The Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo.

Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo

Mamaearth Onion Shampoo helps you combat hair fall with its natural goodness. Onion is rich in sulfur, potassium & antioxidants. That help in reducing hair fall & accelerates hair growth. Plant Keratin replenishes and strengthens hair, repairing its natural structure. It makes hair smooth and frizz-free.

Mamaearth Onion Hair Shampoo

It also comes at a very affordable price of ₹349.00. The contains 250ml of the product liquid, Which is more than enough for a month at least, and according to the claim,  This is also safe for all types of hairs. Let’s take a look at the key things the company says about their product.

Mamaearth onion shampoo ingredients

It has 4 key ingredients that help you fight against hair fall:

  • Onion

According to mamaearth, it increases blood supply to hair follicles, which in turn increases hair growth and prevents hair fall.

  • Plant Keratin

According to mamaearth, made up of 18 amino acids, Plant Keratin is a highly protective protein that helps maintain the moisture balance of the hair. It gives hair natural smoothness, shine, and strength.

  • Wheat Amino Acids

According to mamaearth, wheat Amino Acids improve the tensile strength of hair fibers and increase the elasticity of the hair, making the hair less prone to breakage. It also reduces the porosity of the hair and strengthens the hair from within.

  • Soya Amino Acids

According to mamaearth, Soy Amino Acids strengthen hair fibres, retain more moisture, and improve the manageability of the hair.

Mamaearth Sulfate-Free Shampoos to Save Your Hair

Yes, Mamaearth Shampoos are Sulfate Free! Onions are said to have extra sulfur to support strong and thick hair, thus preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Many women in India use simple onion on their hair, but it leaves a very unpleasant smell though they are said to increase the blood flow to your hair follicles and overall scalp, so ultimately, it lowers your hair fall. And makes your hair feel great, and also, according to some people, it can make your hair fall disappear completely.

Mamaearth Shampoos are Sulfate Free

Another reason to buy or at least try the Mamaearth Onion Shampoo is that, according to Mama Earth, All their shampoos are sulfate free. Sulfate is used to add extra sulfur to support strong and thick hair, thus preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth but sulfates are known to cause hair frizz. When sulfates make contact with your hair, they create a negative electrical charge, which can create frizz after you shampoo. So what are you waiting for go and buy the Mamaearth Onion Shampoo for hair fall?

Mamaearth Onion Shampoo Benefits

  1. According to mamaearth the shampoo is free from harmful sulfates; our Onion Shampoo has the goodness of Onion that helps in reducing hair fall, and Plant Keratin that is gentle on the hair and keeps it clean, strong and nourished.
  2. It also gently cleanses hair and prevents the damage caused due to washing. Loaded with Plant Keratin, it also forms a protective layer that strengthens hair roots.
  3. It also makes your hair soft and gentle; surfactants cleanse hair & scalp without stripping. Plant Keratin prevents damage & dryness, maintains the moisture balance of hair, and leaves hair soft & smooth, and keeps the hair roots strong.

Now let’s talk about the feel and overall product. The first question that comes to mind while using it is that as it it’s an onion shampoo and onions have an irresistible bad smell that also irritates the skin and especially the eyes. Does this shampoo keep us safe from all those horrors?

The answer is yes, and the product smells excellent. It helps in reducing your hair fall and makes your hair shiny, bright, and wonderful; it also makes your hair strong not like the other shampoos that dry your hair out. Because remember, the actual thing a shampoo does to your hair is that it dries them out by making it cleans your hair, making them free from all the products, dust, chemicals, and excessive oils that the body produces over time on your scalp.

Do you know Sara Ali Khan’s secret to hair fall control? It’s the natural goodness of Mamaearth.

Final Verdict

So now let’s talk about that is it worth using as a product or not. In my opinion, it is because this product comes at a very affordable price considering the fact that it is an onion shampoo and it does not I repeat does not make you feel that in sense of the smell it smells great it works great and it is worth at least trying. So do give it a shot.

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