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How To Take Incredible Outfit Photos On Your Phone

Got an amazing outfit but not sure how to take an equally amazing photo of it? Well, you’re in the right place. You really don’t need a professional camera anymore to take incredible photos, as phone quality is getting better and better with every release. So, we’re here with some great tips to help you maximise the potential of your phone camera to get gram worthy photos everytime!

Clean Your Phone

Our very first tip might be a simple one but it’s very important; clean your phone! This is especially important for the lens, as when you’re out taking photos you might not see slight smudges, but there is nothing more disappointing than going home and finding out that the majority of your pictures are blurry because of a smudge on the lens.

So, clean your phone before you go out and take a microfibre cloth with you too, so you can regularly give it a quick polish whilst you’re out. This is one of the best tips we can give you to save a lot of time and effort!

Focus On Lighting

Next up, you need to make sure you find the best possible lighting for your photos. Look for diffused sunlight rather than bright sunlight, as this helps to make your photos look much softer. Plus, when you go for direct sunlight, you will probably be squinting for the photo. Taking advantage of natural light wherever possible is the best thing you can do to take fantastic photos. You will gradually start to recognise great lighting when you see it, but it might take some trial and error to find what you love! Whilst you can edit the lighting after you’ve seen it, it’s best to get it as close as you can to what you want and then the photo will look as natural as possible!

Think Of The Best Angle For Your Outfit

Another thing you need to do is to think of the best angle for your outfit. Different outfits will look better in different poses, so this is definitely something to consider. For example, if you have an openback top on, you should pose with the left side of your body towards the camera with your head turned towards the camera, showing the open back. If you are wearing a shacket, take it off one shoulder, place your hands on your hips and look very slightly to your left. If you’re wearing something simple and sophisticated like little black dresses, let the outfit do the talking and go with a classic one foot in front of the other and slightly pop one hip out (holding a drink looks great with this too).

Consider The Best Time Of Day

Another tip is to consider the best time of day to take your photos. When you’re going outside, you should aim for either 2-3 hours before sunset or 1-2 hours after sunrise, as the sun is still low but offers enough light, without any contrasting shadows. This is when the light is most diffused, which is what you want for natural looking photos with soft lighting. Anything harsh or any shadows will really show on the photos, so it’s definitely worth going out at the right time for the best photos!

Use The Default Settings

Our final tip is to use the default settings on your camera. The default settings are designed to get the maximum quality out of the phone camera, so this is why it is best to use this and then you can make tweaks to the clarity or sharpness after if necessary. You can easily change the camera settings if you’d like to, but give the default settings a go first and see how you get on

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