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Honest Reviews of Adilqadri Shanaya Attar – Best Arabic Attar Perfume

I was searching for a good perfume all this time and all the products that had got my hopes high, left me disappointed. No product seemed to make the cut until recently when I stumbled upon this attar perfume by Adil Qadri. The AdilQadri Shanaya Attar is a perfect perfume for me and hits all my senses. I fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. Here’s my honest Adilqadri Shanaya Attar perfume review about my personal experience. It is a unisex product that is a roll-on and delivers all the claims made by the brand. It ticks all. The boxes that you would look for in a good perfume and it will definitely be a worthy purchase if you’re thinking of getting it.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the review part and get it over with this amazing product.

Reviews of Adilqadri Shanaya Attar

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Who is Adil Qadri?

Before we move into this Adil Qadri Shanaya Attar review, let’s get an idea of who the owner of this brand is. Adil Qadri is a successful entrepreneur who appeared in Shark Tank India season three. He started his business in 2019 and wanted to become the Pioneer in the perfume industry focusing on premium attar in the mainstream market. We can definitely say he succeeded in his goal and made it big with his brand. He successfully raised an astonishing 1 crore investment from the judges in the shark tank. Everybody liked his pitch of the perfumes he sold and wanted in on it.


Immediately off the shelf, this is what will catch your attention as it caught mine. The packaging of this product is worth the price and it gives a wonderful appearance that stands out a bit from the rest and is very eye-catching. The box outside has a gradient design with red and golden colors perfectly blending with each other just like the fragrance notes. The beautiful bottle inside also has a gradient with a hint of pink along with red and golden. The whole bottle and packaging scream elegance and luxury.

The packaging will give you the idea that this is a luxurious perfume which will cost you a lot but that is where you will be mistaken. The perfume for sure gives a luxurious vibe but the price is modest and affordable for all. It comes in a twelve ml bottle with a roll-on cap which makes it very easy to apply and use on any pulse point where you want to use the product.

Fragrance notes

A good perfume is all about the perfect fragrance notes. The fragrance notes make up the most important part of a perfume and it is the component that decides how good a perfume is. The concept of fragrance notes is pretty simple. Every perfume is composed of fragrance notes, the top note, the heart or middle note, and the base note. The top note is relatively stronger and stays for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The middle note is less strong compared to the top note and it stays for a longer period of time which is about three to five hours.

The base note is a subtle fragrance that will stay for as long as ten hours. The perfect blend of these three creates the perfect perfume. The AdilQadri perfume Shanaya Attar is the perfect blend of these notes and creates the perfect blend that stays for a long time and gives you a subtle yet undeniable scent that elevates your personality and confidence. In this perfume, the top note consists of the perfect scent of rose, saffron, and pimento. The middle note consists of agarwood, caramel, and floral notes whereas the base smells of resins, amber, woody notes, and musk. 

Longevity of the scent

If you like long-lasting perfumes then this is the perfect pick for you. The fragrance is very long-lasting and readily lasts a day after using it once. I did not need to reapply the perfume during the day and the smell lasted throughout the day easily. It is one of the best perfumes I have used recently and I plan to keep using it. It is not every day that you come across such a lovely perfume that will lay you throughout the day.

AdilQadri Shanaya Attar Price

Rs 599 for 1 pack, Rs 999 for a pack of two.

The product availability is good and you will find it on the offline market as well as Amazon. I have bought it from Amazon and you can buy it as well for an amazing price that is mentioned above. I have no complaints regarding the availability of the product.

The season for the perfume

In my honest opinion and personal experience with the AdilQadri Shanaya Attar, I personally think that there is not particular season or occasion to suit this amazing perfume. It is natural to any occasion and blends in well with different situations and events. So it is a perfume suited for all occasions and events. This is what makes this product so good and makes it stand out from the rest.

Why choose this over other products?

Unlike a lot of cheaper products in the market this one is alcohol-free and has a pleasant scent that stays long enough. All the claims made by the brand is fulfilled and customer satisfaction is made a top priority. This is the reason I would personally pick the Adil Qadri Shanaya non-alcoholic attar over any other brands. I would also suggest you to try out this amazing attar and give your verdict yourself.

Overall impression

As I have expressed a number of times during this AdilQadri Attar review, I am in love with the product and my experience has been good so far. The perfume has a strong smell to it which is very appealing and the fragrance lasts for a long time. If you like strong perfumes then this will not disappoint you and you’ll love it. However, the reason I am mentioning it is because a lot of people do not like the strong smell of perfumes and look for something more mild and subtle.

If you are among those people then this perfume is not for you as it is very strong and long-lasting.  All the aspects of this perfume are impressive and I have loved the experience of using it. Some people may also find the Price to be a bit high but given the premium fragrance and packaging and the overall quality of the product, this price is completely justified, and considering perfume prices in India, the price is not high at all and is a standard price.

Final verdict

After a month of using the product, I would definitely recommend this to others to at least give it a try and you will not be disappointed. With great packaging and product quality, this has exceeded my expectations in all aspects.

If it comes down to ratings, I would rate the packaging 10/10.  The packaging really stands out and is very attractive from the get go.

The fragrance would have a solid 8/10 rating from my side. A more subtle top note would have made it a 10/10 for me. However, it is a great perfume and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

The longevity also bags a 10/10 for me as it stays for an extraordinary amount of time making it a great fragrance to use on a regular basis.

Overall rating:


The rating speaks to everything you need to know about the product and conveys just how good the perfume is.

FAQ – People also ask About Adilqadri Shanaya Attar

  • Is Adil Qadri a good brand?

Yes, Adil Qadri is definitely a good brand when it comes to attar and perfumes. They have made a good name for themselves in the mainstream market. After appearing on Shark Tank, the brand head has also gained nationwide fame and a lot of appreciation from people for the quality products from the brand.

  • What are the notes in Shanaya Attar?

In this perfume, the top note consists of the perfect scent of rose, saffron, and pimento. The middle note consists of agarwood, caramel, and floral notes whereas the base smells of resins, amber, woody notes, and musk.

  • Which fragrance of attar is best?

The perfect blend of rose, saffron, and pimento which makes the top note in this perfume, is the best fragrance you can get from a premium and exclusive attar.

  • Who is the owner of Adil Qadri?

The Adil Qadri fragrance company is owned by Adil Qadri who is a successful entrepreneur who has grinded his way to fame. Despite dropping out of education, he taught himself the important principles of business and became a top digital marketing and SEO expert. This helped him launch this brand on his own and take it to bigger heights.

  • Who is the owner of the Adil Qadri brand?

The Adil Qadri brand is owned by Adil Qadri, the man himself who created this amazing line of perfumes and attars.

  • Which is the number 1 attar in India?

The best attar in India is definitely the Shanaya non-alcoholic attar by Adil Qadri. Once you use it you will know why it occupies the number one spot.

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