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Swiss Beauty Real Makeup Base Highlighting Primer Review For Oily Skin

There are a lot of products in the market that offer an unnatural highlighting glow which I personally do not like. I am more into the natural glow. Yes, I am a natural glow person and I hate the glow most common highlighters provide. It seems very glittery and attracts unwanted attention to the face. I am always in search of a product that can provide me with the perfect natural glow that will make people wonder about my skincare routine. To be honest, I go through a basic routine and my skin’s blessed with better genetics. I stumbled across this product a while ago. It is the Swiss Beauty Real Make Up Base Highlighting Primer. Let’s see if it can satisfy my desire and get me the natural glow I have been looking for. Looking at the product, I am very optimistic about this.

Review of Swiss Beauty Highlighting Primer Real Makeup

I will not waste your time. Let’s dive deep into this Review of Swiss Beauty Highlighting Primer Real Makeup. I used it for some time and here’s my experience with everything related to this product.

  • Name of the product: Swiss Beauty Highlighting Primer Real Makeup Base
  • Available shades: N01 Natural Tint and N02 Golden Tint. You can choose the shade based on your skin tone and preference. I will recommend the golden tint for warm skin tones. These are the Swiss Beauty Real Makeup Base Highlighting Primer Shades.
  • Price: 349/- INR for 30ml. Flash sales become live very often and you can get it for huge discounts on popular platforms like nyka and Amazon.

Swiss Beauty Real Makeup Base Highlighting Primer Review For Oily Skin

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Price – Rs 349.

Claims Made by The Brand

Like every other product, the brand makes a few bold claims about it’s product which is natural. It is up to us to check whether those claims are justified of not. Let’s debug the claims! It claims to be a good primer for oily skin. We’ll find out about that.

The company claims that the product is great one when it comes to brightening up the skin as it contains pearl powder. By brightening the skin, it gives out a natural glow and provides a satisfactory shine and luster to the skin. It also hydrates and moisturizes your skin along with being a decent highlighting primer. You can even use it alone to get a good shine on your skin and make it look smooth.

And you can mix it with base products like a foundation or BB cream in a ratio of 1:1 to create the perfect base. You can apply this base anywhere you want your skin to be properly highlighted and glowing. It is a great product as advertised. Lets put it to test in real life.

Packaging : 

What makes this brand a lot better is their attention to detail on the packaging which stands out from the rest of the products. Despite having competitive and affordable prices the product comes in impressive cases that are classy and aesthetic. The packaging of this product is beautiful too. With a matte gold box with black lettering, the product will catch your eye. All the necessary information is provided too. For instance, the top flap has the shade information.

The main product comes in a classy glass bottle and has a golden cap that clicks shut. The bottle is rounded in the front while being straight at the back to fit the makeup bag better. It is a product designed for the convenience of the consumers. It is designed to help you travel with it and be convenient. The black pump is provided so that you end with just the right amount of product with every use. The bottle is small and about a palm size. It is ergonomic and easy to use, store and travel with. All of this makes it one of the best packaging at a modest price.

Review of Swiss Beauty Real Makeup Base Highlighting Primer For Oily Skin

My Personal Experience Using the Product:

There is an instruction manual provided with the product which recommends using the product twice per use. The first time is when you mix it with some base makeup ( Bb cream) or foundation in an equal ratio. Then you can dab some extra in the areas where you will want some extra glow. Those areas might be the cheekbones.

You can even use it without anything else as it can be used just by itself to brighten up your skin. This is what the brand claims. Personally, I don’t like using base makeup on a regular basis. Although I have some dark circles and pigmentation on my face I still don’t like putting foundation on my skin regularly and am not very accustomed to using it.

So I chose to use the product on my bare skin. It was a good experience using it, I can say that much. I’ll give my first impressions of the product. The first time I saw the product it looked like a pearly white waste base moisturizer which has a noticeable golden sheen. It looked promising and is one of the best milled golden glitters I have seen in a liquid product before and I have reviewed so many.

Review of Swiss Beauty Real Makeup Base Highlighting Primer For Oily Skin

Why did I Choose this Product?

After using the product for some months I can confirm that I have not faced any kind of skin irritation or any kind of skin problems while using this product. It has been a great addition to my wardrobe and the highlighted will act as a smoothening agent to the skin and will leave a subtle and delicate floral scent after using it. After using the Swiss beauty primer my skin feels a natural glow and that is what I have been looking for all this time. The effect that you get after using it is not cheeky and will not feel over the top or underdone.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that you should not overdo this product as you can overdo anything and it will not feel right on the skin and feel a bit heavy. For my skin a small amount of the primer is sufficient to cover my whole face. As this product provides a very delicate and natural layer of glow you can use a bit more of the product when using it for the evening.

When you put foundation on your face before putting the Swiss Beauty highlighting primer, then it will look a bit bold and more promising but still, it will be subtle and not very prominent like other highlighters available. The best part about such a highlighter is that you don’t need a special occasion to wear it and you can wear this one daily in your day-to-day life and feel good about your skin. I’m in love with this product. The formula which is good for hydrating your skin will help to minimize the force and eliminate the fine lines. It creates perfect skin ready for makeup. It is the best primer in low price.

Review of Swiss Beauty Real Makeup Base Highlighting Primer For Oily Skin

My Rating

After having used this product for some time icon se that this product has surpassed my expectations and has created a great image of the brand for me. I would definitely recommend this brand and this product to you if you want to give it a shot. What I would conclude is it is a good primer highlighter for dry skin as well as oily skin and is a great product overall. 

I have used a lot of products earlier and this was the one I was looking for. It provides the most natural glow of any highlighter that I have used in the past. This is better than a lot of highlighters I have used as it is not overpowering. If you want a bold highlighter then this is not for you. It absorbs very well into the skin and does not feel greasy one bit. You will be able to notice the golden glow from your skin but it will be subtle and not overpowering at all. 

 I would read this product a 5 on 5.



What is Swiss beauty highlighting primer used for?

Highlighting primer is used to provide us smooth Canvas for your makeup to be on. There is pearl powder in the formula which helps to brighten your skin and provide you with a wonderful natural glow even when you are not using a turnoff makeup.  

Is Swiss Beauty a good brand?

With the experience I had with the products of this brand, I would definitely call it a good brand. The product did not disappoint and lived up to the expectations I had. With good prices and quality products, I would definitely vouch for Swiss Beauty to be a good brand worth giving a shot.

Is Swiss Beauty primer good for OILY skin?

Yes, the product is suitable for most skin types and oily skin is no exception. It is a good product that suits oily skin very well. It also hydrates your skin well and keeps it soft and pore-free. In simple words, the Swiss Beauty primer for oily skin is a good product and very suitable for oily skin.

Swiss Beauty vs Maybelline which is better?

You may wonder Swiss beauty vs Maybelline which is better. Having used both, I would say Swiss Beauty is a better brand than Maybelline. Maybelline is a popular brand but judging on the quality of the product, Swiss Beauty stands out and provides the better product. Also in terms of pricing, Swiss Beauty leaves Maybelline behind by a margin. Objectively speaking, Swiss Beauty is the better brand without a doubt.

How is Swiss Beauty products?

I did a detailed Swiss Beauty product review. All the products from Swiss Beauty has lived up to my expectations and provided me with amazing results. I would definitely rate the products highly judging on my experience with the brand. It is worth it to give Swiss Beauty a shot. The products are easily available and affordable.

What to use instead of primer?

The best alternative to a highlighting primer is to use a mixture of aloe Vera gel and moisturizer. It is a tried and tested combination and you can get amazing results with it. 

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