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Benefits of Gulab Jal on Face and Eye

Now you may ask what the benefits are. Then you need to read this article to reveal the magical benefits of Gulab Jal.

Rose is the beautiful flower known as the Queen of the flower because of its vibrant colour and smell. It is impossible to find any people who do not love roses. But you know, except for the beauty and smell, this flower has beautiful benefits for the eyes and face? Now you may ask what the benefits are. Then you need to read this article to reveal the magical benefits of Gulab Jal.

Not the rose flower, the rose water or Gulab Jal is the magic. Let’s see what Gulab Jal is. It is the extract from the rose petal, which has a natural light pink colour. After mixing with water, this extract became rose water or the magical Gulab Jal.

Benefits of Gulab Jal or Rose Water for the Eyes

So now let’s see the benefits of rose water for the eyes:

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. Soothing the Eye Irritation

Generally, people use rose water on the external part of the eye, but you can use rose water as eye drops. Gulab Jal incredibly soothes eye irritation. It contains several natural terpenes, anthocyanin, flavonoids, and some phenolic compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. That is why a small application of Gulab Jal can rapidly reduce inflammation and irritation.

Soothing the Eye Irritation

. Removal of Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eye are evidence of stressful life as well as ageing. It ruins the total beauty of the face, and you look so tired. You may hide the dark circles with makeup, but you can have a natural remedy that will provide you with a permanent solution. Rose water or Gulab Jal is an amazing remedy to remove dark circles. So when you daily apply Gulab Jal to your tired and dull Eyes, that gradually reduces the tiredness and dullness.  You will get brightened eyes with a fresh look. Then you do not have to apply more Foundation or colour character to hide the dark circles.

Removal of Dark Circles

. The Fluffiness of Eye

Excessive work pressure and stress increase the dark circles around the eye and make the nearby area fluffy. Fluffy Eyes make you look older than your age, and gradually it will cause wrinkles around the eyes. With fluffy Eyes, you may look sleepy or drowsy all the time. But the daily application of Gulab Jal around the fluffy Eyes rapidly reduces the fluffiness. When the fluffiness reduces, you can get back your beautiful eyes again. Your eyes always look bright and energetic as before.

. A Possible Remedy for Conjunctivitis

You may be surprised to hear that you can use rose water for eye infections. Conjunctivitis infection or inflammation is caused in the conjunctiva of the eyes. It is also called pink eye as it turns the total whitish eyeball pink red. Conjunctivitis can be caused due to bacteria or viral infection or maybe any kind of allergies. Most people treat conjunctivitis with medicine, but rose water can reduce inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the redness and itchiness and makes the possible recovery faster.

. Cleaning of the Eyes

Why are you cleaning your house? The most common problem you face is that dust goes into your eyes. Not only that the dust from daily pollution effective Eyes. It causes irritation or itching, and as a result of it, tears come into your eyes and disturb you while working. Application of a few drops of Gulab Jal can easily clean your eyes. It removes all the dirt and impurities from your eyes slowly. It will be better if you apply and rest your eyes for 5 minutes.

. Possible Prevention of Dryness

The dryness of the eye can cause any kind of irritation and increase the chance of having cataracts in the early stage. Daily application of rose water can prevent dryness. If you can prevent dryness, you can easily avoid other eye problems. It can be a good remedy to prevent cataracts and also treat the cataract in the early stage by preventing excessive dryness of the eye. Mostly aged people feel dryness in their eyes, so this remedy is highly recommended for them.

Possible Prevention of Dryness

How to Use Rose Water for an Eye?

It this important to know how to use rose water for the eyes. Gulab Jal or rose water is highly beneficial for the eye, but without proper application, it may cause side effects of rose water Eyes. Here some applications of rose water to resolve different eye problems are given:

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. To Treat Pigmentation Skin Around the Eye

Rose water can easily reduce hyperpigmentation under and around the eyes. To use this home remedy, you need to add one teaspoon of Sandalwood powder to some drops of rose water. Mix these ingredients properly and apply them around the eyes. Avoid the mixture getting in your eyes. After 10 minutes, wash it with normal water. This remedy wonderfully reduces hyperpigmentation.

. To Treat Dark Circles

Dark circles nowadays are one of the bigger problems caused due to tension and stress in life. Rose water can easily reduce dark circles if you follow these simple remedies. Use two tablespoons of cool milk and add a few drops of rose water. Dip two Cotton pads into the mixture and put them on the closed Eyes. Raise it for 20 minutes, and you can use it before the sleep.

. To Treat Dryness or Irritation in the Eye

If you feel any irritation or dryness around the eye or inside, it can easily be treated with Gulab Jal. Shook to Cotton pads in Gulab Jal and leave them in the refrigerator within a zip lock bag for 10 minutes. Then put the cold Cotton pads on closed Eyes for 10 minutes. This remedy magically solves the problem.

Benefits of Gulab Jal or Rose Water for the Face

Benefits of Gulab Jal or Rose Water for the Face

Let’s see the benefits of Gulab Jal on face:

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. Balance the pH Level

Rose water is highly beneficial in balancing the normal pH of the facial skin. Abnormal pH levels can easily invite any kind of skin problems. Regular use of rose water always maintains the proper balance of the pH.

. Antimicrobial Effect

Rose water has a good anti-microbial effect, so it easily reduces acne and pimple. Regular use of rose water can help you avoid any kind of skin problems.

. Hydrated the Skin

Rose water locks the hydration in the skin and prevents dryness. The natural moisture present in the Gulab Jal always provides soft, lovely, and vibrant skin.

. Good Natural Toner

Gulab Jal is the best natural toner. Rose water removes all kinds of dust and dead skin cells easily. With the daily application, you can have soft, glowing brighter skin.

How to use Rose Water for the Face?

You can improve your facial skin with Gulab Jal and some natural ingredients. You just need to know the proper uses of Gulab Jal.

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. Rose Water and Sandalwood Mixture

Any kind of skin irritations can be treated with this mixture. It is an ancient ayurvedic remedy of Indian culture. You need to mix half a tablespoon of Sandalwood powder and half a teaspoon of rose water. Mix the ingredients into a paste and apply it all over your face. After completely drying, wash the mixture with normal water. Starting from pimples to any kind of skin irritation can easily treat with this remedy.

Rose Water and Sandalwood Mixture

. Simple Rose Water

Before going to sleep, you can use rose water as it will faster the daily damage to the skin. First, clean your face with gentle face wash, and then apply the rose water all over your face with the help of soft cotton. You need not wash your face after the application. This remedy will help express the new cells, so your skin looks younger and fresh.

Simple Rose Water

How to Make Natural Rose Water at Home?

For the eye and face, you should use natural homemade rose water instead of rose water available in the market. Commercial Rose waters may contain some artificial Aroma and alcohol that may irritate your skin and Eyes. The Homemade rose water recipe is very simple.

  • Take fresh roses from the market in your favourite colour. Pink or red roses will be best.
  • For small quantities, take the petals from 4 to 5 roses and wash them underwater to clean water properly.
  • Take a clean pan and half a litre of water and boil it.
  • Now at the rose petals in the boiling water and wait until the water becomes colourful.
  • Remove the rose petals from the water and squeeze them. Let the mixture cool.
  • When it comes to room temperature, then put the water with rose extract in clean glass bottles.
  • Keep those glass bottles in the refrigerator for further use. You can also make ice cubes with rose water.

How to Make Natural Rose Water at Home

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So my beautiful friends, now you can have the best of beautiful rose flowers to reduce any kind of skin and eye problems. This remedy is equally applicable for both males and females. Make sure your application is proper, and you should use homemade rose water for the best result. So give the best care to your eyes and face with the natural goodness of rose water.


Can we put Gulab Jal in Eyes?

You can use Gulab Jal in the eye both externally and internally.

Which rose water is best for the eyes?

Homemade rose water is best for the eyes.

Is Gulab Jal good for the eyes?

Gulab Jal is good for the eyes.

Can I put rose water in my eyes daily?

You should use rose water daily for the external problems of the Eyes. For internal use, you should put it whenever it is needed not daily.

Is rose water good for dark circles?

Yes, rose water is very good for dark circles.

How to apply Gulab Jal on the face?

You can directly apply rose water with the help of cotton and can mix Sandalwood powder with Gulab Jal to make a face pack.

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