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13 Best Lipstick Under 100 Rs – Liquid Lipstick Shades Under 100 INR

The lips are the delicate and soft part of the face that helps to express a beautiful smile. Every young woman and girl loves, to take a picture with a cute pout. Only beautiful shades of lipsticks can make the pout perfect. So, if you are looking for the best lipstick under 100 then this article is for you. Just check it out, ladies!

List of 13 Best Lipstick Under 100 Rs.

Cazo Professional Nude Edition

This is one of the best liquid Matte lipstick under 100. This brand is famous for budget-friendly but good-quality lipsticks. This lipstick provides a matte finish and a smooth and vibrant color to the lip. This lipstick formula is waterproof as well as smudge-proof. This budget-friendly lipstick is perfect for daily use. This beautiful Matte lipstick is available in attractive 4 nude shades. On, this lipstick combo is available for just rupees 100. It has more than 4800 positive ratings. So, you can easily trust this brand.

Lipstick under 100PRICE –  100/-

Insight cosmetics non-transfer liquid lip color

Another good option for lipstick under 100. This is a revolution in makeup brands from VOV International. Most women love Matte lipsticks as those are not Transferable and stay longer. This Matte lipstick truly follows this rule and provides a natural soft color that complements your skin. This richly pigmented lipstick offers amazing color payoff in just one application. This smart and transfer-proof formula offers all day and gives coverage for up to 24 hours. The best part is this product is paraben-free so it is not harmful to lips. On, this lipstick and its different shades are available for just rupees 90.

Lipstick under 100PRICE – 90/-

Elle 18 colour pop Matte lip color

Elle 18 is one of the most popular beauty brands in India and most teenagers and girls love this beauty brand as all the products are budget-friendly. If you search for lipstick under 100 then Elle 18 colour pop lipstick out the best for everyone. The soft and creamy lip color provides all-day protection and is available in 30 shades. All Shades are really beautiful and will suit women of every age. You will be confused after seeing shades. You can get Elle 18 colour pop lipsticks in the online and offline markets and the price is 80 rupees.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE –  80/-

Biotique Natural Make-up Lipstick

If you love natural products then this lipstick is just perfect. Biotique lipsticks are easily applicable on leaves and provide the same effects as lipsticks. Natural lipsticks of this brand allow for Easy Application of color that goes on semi-matte, non-drying, and incredible lasting power. This formula is comfortably soft and smooth on leaves not only that it also nourishes the leaves with a semi-matte finish. It is available in different shades and all are truly amazing. You can use this lipstick for your office and daily purpose. On, it is available for only 76 rupees.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 76/- each

Blue Heaven intense Matte lipstick

Blue Heaven is India’s one of the leading beauty brands that provide the best beauty products at budget-friendly prices. These Matte lipsticks are smooth moisturize the lip and provided brightening a vibrant color. This lipstick is available in 12 gorgeous shades and those are perfect for all kinds of skin tones. Not only the girls but younger and middle-aged women also love this lipstick. Not only the intense matte and smooth texture it gives 8 hours of coverage. With one stroke you can have an amazing lip shade that will change your entire look. Depending on the shades the price varies between 70 to 95 on Amazon.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 75/-

Insight cosmetic Matte lipstick

This is another best lipstick under 100. If you do not like liquid mats then happily choose this matte lipstick which provides a soft Matte Finish and a flawless look with long-lasting coverage. One stroke is just enough to have a dramatic lip color. You will not believe that this fantastic lipstick is now available in gorgeous 24 shades starting from natural nude Colours to vibrant Colours for a party look all are included. After application looks like liquid Matte lip color which is transfer-proof and waterproof as well. These lipsticks are available on, and other online apps for just rupees 75 to 89.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 79/-

BLUSHIA  matte me lipstick

BLUSIA matte me lipstick that perfectly matches the condition base lipstick under 100. This lipstick has shades for every mood and every occasion. It is matte but never feels dry or leaves and always keeps the lip moist. This matte reach formula is enriched with vitamin E. This product is free from Mineral oil and parabens which are harmful. This pigment reached matte lipstick that daily purses reach and hydrates color instantly. Available in different colors which suit all kinds of Indian skin tones. The price is only just 65 rupees on


Lipstick under 100

PRICE –  65/-

Miss Claire glimmer sticks for lips

If you apply lipstick properly then you can use lip liners or glimmer sticks. Dreamer lipsticks of this brand are based under 100. On different online beauty websites, it is available in 51 shades and the price is only just 50. These lipsticks treat your lips to a smooth color with a matte finish. A highly pigmented formula provides long-lasting coverage which is Transferable and waterproof. You can mix this lipstick in smaller amounts with the lip gloss and it will provide you with a glossy look.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 65/-

DEVEDITZ set of 4 matte Ultra glow lipstick

On, you with an amazing offer where you can get four sets of matte lipsticks for under 100.  This lipstick is also available in 5 different shades consisting of red pink and purple colors in one lipstick pen. It is a soft, creamy texture that glides easily and ensures comfortable wear. The smart finish formula is also transfer-proof and stays for at least 7 hours. It is a multipurpose lipstick you can use for your vacations as well as party makeup. The highly pigmented shades with bright colors are fancy and perfect for party and bridal makeup.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 90/-

GENERIC five steps Matte lipstick 5 in 1

Can you imagine 5 different Shades within one lipstick? It is true because beauty brand 3D-Lips provides five different shades in one lipstick which is consist of red, brown, light pink, light orange, and tomato red. It is a crayon lipstick but provides a matte finish and soft texture that lasts for 8 hours which suit all kind of leaves starting from normal, sensitive, and dry. You can easily carry this lipstick instead of different colors for different days. The amazing lipstick is available on Amazon for just rupees 99.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 99/-

Khelni green tea mat lipstick set of 12

Lipstick goodness with green tea how amazing it is! Another amazing fact is you can help 12 Mini lipstick of this brand for just rupees 99 which is exclusively available on Amazon. Good night sweet green tea this Mini lipsticks are crayon type which provides Matt’s finish and soft look. It keeps hydrated the lips. Different shades like orange, Brown, Maroon, and red are available in this set. This Mini lipstick set is too small so easily you can carry it during your travel. So, get your Mini lipstick set with the goodness of green tea today.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 99/-

Khelni Balm Superman lipstick combo pack

Amazing beauty brand offers another combo pack of lipsticks under 100. Balm lipsticks are lipsticks but when you apply them to your lips they will hydrate the lips like lip balm. Only it also provides a matte finish that stays longer. Is the combo pack exclusively available on Amazon for just rupees 95? Different shades like red, pink, orange, and brown are available in this combo pack. The lipstick is a Mini version of the actual size of other lipsticks you can carry easily.


Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 100/-

Bella Voslé is the perfect pout Mini lipstick

This mini lipstick has moisturizing properties which make leaves look fuller and premier all day long. You can have flawless even coverage in just one swipe. The Slipstick is suitable for all skin types and can be used every day as well as on special occasions. With softening and moisturizing benefits this lipstick will leave your lips ultra-soft making you feel more beautiful. This lipstick is available on, for just rupees 99.

Lipstick under 100

PRICE – 90/-

Everyone says that a diamond is the best friend of women but we think lipstick is the actual best friend! We know you also believe that. So, in this article, we provide you with based possible suggestions about lipsticks under 100 rupees. Above mention, lipstick brands are perfect for daily use to party makeup and all are available in too many shades and are also budget-friendly. Student teenagers can easily buy these lipsticks with their pocket money. Women who use lipstick daily for their office purpose or use it often during parties also they can buy pics from this pocket-friendly collection. So, pick your favourite shade and make a perfect pout for your social media story.

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