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Dr. Leena Jain- The Finest Plastic surgeon

Dr. Leena Jain is a dedicated and professional Plastic Surgeon in Bandra and Borivali. She recommends the best surgical option for her patients based on long-term outcomes and their job, allowing them to return to work and live everyday life. Find here – Dr. Leena Jain- The Finest Plastic surgeon.

Hand surgery, reconstructive microsurgery for tumor and trauma repair, diabetic ulcer reconstruction, burns reconstruction, lymphedema surgery, and aesthetic surgery are among Dr. Leena Jain‘s specialties. She feels a successful Plastic Surgeon must have three qualities: creative vision, rigorous procedures, and expert knowledge.

She realizes how important it is to be approachable and friendly. She listens to your worries, answers your questions, understands the outcomes you want to attain, and provides honest feedback on whether your goals are realistic.

Dr. Leena Jain is passionate about patient happiness and strives to “transform the ideal beautiful normal.” That is why her patients consider her to be the top plastic surgeon in Mumbai.

Plastic surgery 

Dr. Leena Jain is an expert in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery restores function and appearance by correcting deformities caused by congenital limitations, injuries, or medical illnesses such as cancer.

Dr. Leena Jain- The Finest Plastic surgeon

Reconstructive surgery includes cleft lip and palate repair, breast reconstruction following a lumpectomy or mastectomy for breast cancer, and burn injury reconstruction. Hand reconstruction includes reattaching amputated fingers and hands and complicated restorations of all hand injuries to restore shape and function and allow the patient to return to their previous career. Reconstructing hands, she feels, means rebuilding lives and families.

Cosmetic surgery enhances a person’s appearance by reshaping and modifying natural anatomy to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Breast augmentation, gynecomastia, breast lift, liposuction, stomach tuck, and facelift are all cosmetic surgery procedures. Breast reduction and stomach tuck surgeries, for example, can be considered necessary for a healthy quality of life. Her goal is to return tissues to average sizes so that a person may walk comfortably.

Breast augmentation

One of the leading Plastic Surgeons in Mumbai performs three types of cosmetic breast surgeries: breast reduction, breast augmentation, and breast reconstruction.

Breast reduction — In this procedure, the surgeon reduces the size of the breasts by removing excess fat, tissues, and skin, restoring upper-body proportions.

Breast augmentation — This surgery is used to increase the breasts’ size, look, and contour.

Breast reconstruction – This procedure is typically performed following breast cancer surgery. After mastectomy/breast removal surgery, the surgeon recreates a normal-looking breast.

Hand surgery

Hand surgery is a broad term that refers to a variety of procedures. Plastic surgeons do hand surgery to restore hand and finger function. They also make an effort to make the hand look as natural as possible. Dr. Leena Jain is regarded as one of Mumbai’s best plastic surgeons (Bandra and Borivali) for her expertise in hand surgeries such as replantation, revascularization, resurfacing, bony reconstruction, contracture release, fingertip reconstruction, tendon repair surgery, nerve surgery to restore function, complex reconstructions of burnt-out hands, and so on.

Diabetic foot ulcer

In India, where there are 77 million diabetics, wounds affect twice as many feet. Many people will lose their feet if they are not addressed. Dr. Leena’s goal as a plastic surgeon is to restore ulcer healing and save feet so that patients can rehabilitate and stand on their own.

“Dr. Leena believes that saving a person’s foot is her greatest achievement.”

The surgical cleaning of any wound/ulcer begins with the removal of any dead tissues. This accelerates the body’s natural healing process. Then, reconstruction depends on the blood flow to the feet and whether the wound can be adequately covered with a flap/graft.

Diabetics are more likely to get hand infections, which are often dangerous. To restore function, these must be controlled effectively.

Reconstruction surgery for burns

Dr. Leena Jain, who is regarded as one of the greatest plastic surgeons in Bandra and Borivali, specializes in burn reconstruction surgery also.

All burns heal with scars, except first-degree burns. Depending on their anatomical position, burn scars are known to induce functional difficulties. Scar contractures are released, allowing tissues to develop normally and ensuring a near-normal range of motion and function.

Scar contractures of the neck, axilla, elbow, hand and foot impede mobility and must be loosened and resurfaced with flaps for a long-term effect. Electrical burns are catastrophic, and restoring function to an electrically burned hand will require multiple procedures.


Microsurgery involves employing magnification to link blood vessels (artery and vein) and nerves smaller than 2 mm in size to restore circulation.

Microsurgery has a wide range of applications:

Trauma and tumor reconstruction:

Tissue (flap) is moved from a distant location to the needed area, and circulation is restored by connecting the tissue’s fine blood vessels to blood vessels in the flap transfer area.

Replantation and revascularization entail microsurgical regeneration of blood vessels and nerves to reattach totally or nearly completely amputated fingers, toes, ears, and phallus, restoring circulation.

Facial Palsy:

symmetry of the smile can be restored with nerve surgery and tissue transfer to the afflicted side of the face.


By connecting lymphatic channels to veins, a bypass is formed to transfer fluid back to the heart, allowing a persistent issue such as elephant leg/lymphedema to be managed and tolerated.

Adynamic Bladder Surgery/ Detrusor Myoplasty:

When patients have a dynamic urinary bladder and are unable to pass urine without using a catheter, working muscle is transferred to the urinary bladder by microsurgery to allow for spontaneous bladder emptying. Microsurgery has a wide range of applications from head to toe, and it necessitates concentration, patience, and endurance.

Find here – The Finest Plastic surgeon

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