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Five Ideas To Make Your First Anniversary Special

The first anniversary is most special for all couples. Time Flies during the honeymoon phase of your life. Suddenly, you will realize that it has been here since your life started. Like other couples, you both were searching for a way to make your first wedding anniversary special. When there are so many things to do, it is not acceptable to settle on one. We have put our list of ideas to get creative juices flowing to celebrate the first anniversary. There is nothing to ponder much as it can be your:

  • First meeting place
  • A coffee shop
  • Visiting a different city together
  • Visiting a romantic place
  • Plan for a romantic dinner at a wonderful place
  • and spend some quality time together

The matchmakers at Kapoor matrimony help you find a potential groom or bride from your community. Let us know the top 5 ideas that will give you a blossom feel on your first anniversary.

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5 Best Ideas To Make Your First Anniversary Special

Plan a Trip

There is no better time to take the long-awaited vacation than your first anniversary. You are already in the mood for change, and it will be super special. Go to a place that you have never visited before and plan a surprise for your spouse and take them on a trip that they will never forget.

Get a Photoshoot Done

If you have missed having a fun photo shoot before and after your wedding, it is the perfect time to fulfill your wish for an Indian wedding couple photoshoot. Recruit a photographer to take pics. Shoot at your favourite place. Plan for the photoshoot early as it can be a bit expensive to hire a team of photographers at a distant location.

Baking a Cake can be Rewarding

Baking is a highly rewarding activity, and if you have a little skill, you can turn it into a special treat for your partner. While ordering a can be a bit fun, baking one can make it feel extra special. Pair your cake by choosing the best flowers for anniversary, allowing their delicate beauty to add a wonderful touch of elegance and romance. If you want to Kick It Up many notches, plan it out to put the best cake that you have ever made. If you are still searching for Punjabi rishtey in Delhi? It is your time to find the right one.

Go on a Picnic

Do you know any close-by spots ideal for a picnic? Waste no time planning on long tours. If your schedules permit it, bake your cake and prepare a great meal. If your anniversary happens to be on full moon night, you may even plan for candlelight dinner under the bright moon.  Anniversaries are an opportunity to reboot. So, if you’ve been feeling stuck at home for a while, go on an adventure trip and try activities like skydiving, paragliding, or scuba diving. You could also ride the state’s best rollercoaster or take a flight over the Grand Canyon.

Brew Craft Beer

If you and your partner enjoy fine wine or beer, you can plan an activity for your anniversary. In the months leading up to the anniversary, make a special batch of beer or wine and save it for a special occasion. It will be even more special if you have invited friends!


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