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Tips on Shopping for Lab Grown Diamonds

It's crucial to get the facts since conventional jewellers are still spreading false information because they don't want lab-grown diamonds to compete with sales of earth-mined diamonds.

Even though diamonds created in a laboratory have been available for purchase for some time now, current media coverage has significantly increased consumers’ knowledge of these gems. Despite their sudden rise in popularity, there are still crucial factors to take into account when choosing a ring to contain a lab-grown diamond.

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Best Tips for Lab-Grown Diamonds

1. Learn the 4 C’s

The 4 Cs—colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight—are crucial when purchasing a diamond, whether it was made in a lab or was mined from the soil. You can determine the quality of your diamond using the 4 Cs, which also have a big impact on the price.

The 4 Cs are significant, but because every diamond is different, each grade is different as well. Because the majority of inclusions are invisible to the unaided eye, choose a lesser clarity grade if cost is a concern.

2. Research Your Lab Grown Diamond

Make sure what you are buying is a lab-created diamond by doing some research first. The majority of lab-grown diamonds may be purchased online, so you’ll want to be sure the business is reliable. It can be very perplexing when businesses sell diamond replicas while providing false information about them and even referring to them as lab-created diamonds. Engineered diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and man-made diamonds are all terms for lab-grown diamonds, which are actual diamonds that are developed in modern laboratory conditions that mimic the earth’s natural growing conditions.

Make sure what you are buying, especially when it comes to lab-grown diamonds engagement rings, is a lab-created diamond by doing some research first. The majority of lab-grown diamonds may be purchased online, so you’ll want to be sure the business is reliable.

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3. Size & Shape Availability

There are now many different sizes and forms of lab-created diamonds, which wasn’t always the case. However, some shapes and sizes could be more difficult to locate. Find out your partner’s tastes, and then look at the selection of lab-created diamonds. Your choice of ring style may be influenced by the size and shape of the diamond. It may be necessary to get creative and select a different cut set in a halo with a shape that accomplishes the desired look if you want a larger stone with a certain cut that is difficult to find.

4. Don’t Forget the Grading

If a lab-created diamond does not have a verified grading report from a respected lab, such as the EGL USA, IGI, or GIA, do not buy it. You might not have bought a lab-created diamond if you hadn’t gotten a grading report. Full disclosure is required by the sector.

5. Consider a coloured stone

You now have more options than just white, thanks to the availability of exotic-coloured lab-grown diamonds in hues like yellow, blue, and pink. When compared to their earth-mined counterparts, fancy-color lab-grown diamonds are available for a significant discount, even more so than colourless lab-grown diamonds.

  • 75% less of the fancy yellow
  • Fancy Blue costs 90% less.
  • 80% fewer Fancy Pink items

6. Diamond Hybrid Simulant

It’s okay if lab-created diamonds are still out of your price range, even though they are less expensive than earth-mined diamonds of the same quality. For prospective brides and grooms who are concerned about their budgets, there are alternatives to lab-created diamonds. Eco-friendly substitutes, like the Diamond Hybrid, can be found for a far lower price and are just as beautiful as their lab-created counterparts.

Final Reflections

Lab-grown diamonds are a sign of human invention and a victory of modern technology. In jewelry designs like lab-grown diamond solitaire necklaces, stud earrings, and engagement rings, they dazzle just as brilliantly. They are as strong and beautiful as natural diamonds. They convey the message that you aren’t scared to veer away from convention and choose your own route. Thus, by heeding the aforementioned advice, you can find a stunning diamond for yourself or a special someone.

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