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4 Health and Wellness Trends to Try Before 2021 Ends

Let’s face it, 2021 has been a difficult year, no matter your employment status. From serious health scares to raging fires in the west, daily life has been overwhelming for many of us. So, what better time to prioritize your health and wellness. Whether you are feeling physically unfit or mentally exhausted, finding new ways to care for your well-being can only benefit you. 

To get you started on the right track, here are 4 health and wellness trends to try before 2021 ends.

Try CBD for Stress-Relief

One of the biggest benefits of CBD is the ability to help calm users. Whether you’re struggling to sleep at night or you’re feeling more anxious than usual, CBD could be a beneficial addition to your daily routine. 

While some products contain THC too, CBD by itself doesn’t have the psychoactive effects that marijuana is traditionally known for. So, you can more or less choose how you want it to affect you. That way, you can take CBD-only products during the workday to relieve stress and help you focus, and use a CBD and THC combination to unwind before bed if you want.

Some innovative ways to incorporate CBD into your routine include:

  • CBD vape that you can use discreetly throughout the day
  • CBD water which also contains electrolytes and vitamins
  • CBD gummies you can get in tons of delicious flavors
  • CBD balm for body tension and sore muscles
  • CBD bath bombs that can help your body unwind

Set up a Home Gym

With more and more people working from home for the foreseeable future and avoiding public gatherings, finding ways to work out at home has become a big trend. You might think that’s out of the question for you if you live in a small space like a studio apartment, but that’s simply not true. No matter how much (or how little) space you have and what your budget is, there are plenty of ways to create your own home gym thanks to all the creative options now available.

To create your own compact and affordable at-home gym, considering investing in some of the following equipment: 

Eat Plant-Based Substitutes

Whether you’re looking to cut down on your carbon footprint, reduce how much red meat you eat, or want to lead a more ethical lifestyle, switching to plant-based substitutes is a great wellness trend to try. Even if you’re not looking to make a full transition, eating more plant-based meals per week can make a big difference for both the environment and your health. 

It might seem hard to make the switch, but there are virtually endless options at the grocery store nowadays, not to mention that many restaurants (especially those in big cities) offer several vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. You can also find plenty of recipes online that make it easy to substitute meat without compromising on flavor or convenience.

Drink More Water

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your health is to commit to drinking more water. Now more than ever, people are prioritizing drinking water for many reasons. Drinking sufficient water is essential for youthful-looking skin, properly functioning organs, and managing your weight—among countless other benefits. However, while most of us know how important it is for our health, we don’t always drink as much as we should. 

While the general eight glasses of water rule can work for some people, many of us should be drinking more. According to Harvard Health Publishing, most people should actually be drinking two to three cups of water per hour, or more if you sweat a lot throughout the day.

If you’re not consuming enough water every day, you can try a few new trends that will help you up your water intake:

  • Purchase a water bottle with time markers to keep you on track to meet your goal
  • Set reminders on your fitness app or watch to help you remember to drink water every hour
  • Try adding flavoring to your water or drink flavored waters like Perrier

Everyone is different, so see if one or all of these tips can help you improve your health and well-being before the year is over. While it might take a little while for you to adjust, you can fine tune how you incorporate these recommendations into your daily life and use these habits to set new goals for 2021.

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