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Hit the mark by decorating a bare wall

Decorating a blank wall is not as easy as it seems, so today we are going to give you some tips to give it all the prominence it deserves. When we are faced with a blank wall, many doubts can arise about the decoration process. Filling an empty wall is not as simple as it seems and before carrying it out we must take into account many factors. It is very important to assess the decorative style of the room, the range of colors, the balance of objects and above all, our budget. Find here – Hit the mark by decorating a bare wall.

Until a century ago the only alternatives to decorate a wall were pictures and moldings, there was not much to choose from. But today there are countless options that will make the most of vertical surfaces. If you are one of those who like original decorative solutions with personality, today we are going to offer you to buy wall decor paintings for your rooms.

Best mark by decorating a bare wall

Wall Portraits

A wall portrait can be a beautiful addition to any wall and can help enhance the beauty of the space. Wall portraits are available in various mediums, such as Pop art, Blansky art, landscape art, graffiti art etc which allows you to choose a piece that complements the room’s decor.
A well-placed wall portrait can serve as a focal point and draw the eye, adding interest and depth to the space. Such as Pop art portraits are a great way to add a touch of creativity and individuality to your bare wall. Whether you’re a fan of classic pop art or more contemporary interpretations, there are plenty of options available to help you beautify the wall’s texture, and character to the wall, depending on the medium used and the subject matter.

Some canvas prints may be useful.

Composition of tables and plates

It is the most widespread solution that has been among us for the longest centuries. Using the wall as a gallery will always be a perfect aesthetic solution. Be it a pair of paintings, a triptych or a harmonious composition, all options are valid.

Composition of tables and plates

Using the wall as an art gallery is a good option, but you can also use it to display family photographs or those of your travels in a preferred place. Like the single painting option, the wall above the sofa, bed or ladder may be the best alternative.

Mirrors Collection

Mirror collectors can create a beautiful composition on a blank wall and leave their guests jaw-dropping. Our favorites are cane mirrors. Another mirror, in this case XXL size, can decorate one of the walls of your house with great style. Our advice is that you leave it propped instead of hanging it.

Custom shelving

The most practical solution is to place a custom shelf on that blank wall. You can keep your books organized and add some decorative object to give it personality.

Sculptural light fixtures

Some light fixtures look like real sculptures and will transform your wall completely.

Neon lights

For the most daring, neon lights are the most original option to give life to a blank wall. If you want more inspiration, do not miss the article that we dedicated a few weeks ago.


One of the most original solutions is to decorate the wall with a collection of dishes. Of all sizes and colors, vintage pieces with current tableware, hand painted or silk-screened … the effect will surprise you.

Sculptures or handicrafts

One of the most elegant proposals is to decorate the wall with a sculpture created for vertical surfaces. Among these types of proposals we can choose a colorful one to give joy to our home. We can also find artisan pieces such as porcelain seagulls, the famous Vita seaweed or the Portuguese ceramic swallows.

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