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Helicopter And Aviation Injuries: What You Should Know About Them Developer Gang


No one wants to be in an aviation accident. While statistically speaking, the chances of one happening are far lower as compared to a car accident, the flip side is that in a majority of cases, they lead to serious injuries and deaths.

In recent years, we have heard about several famous personalities losing their lives in aviation accidents. The most recent one is Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, whose helicopter crashed after taking off in LA.

Helicopter And Aviation

An aviation accident can have a lot of implications for the victim as well as their family. In this article, we speak to expert attorneys as a leading Los Angeles personal injury law firm. We ask them to shed some light on aviation accidents and personal injury lawsuits.

Reasons why Aviation Accidents take place according to Experts

According to experts, the following are some of the major reasons why aviation accidents take place-

1. Defective Parts and Components-

Just like any other machine, helicopters and planes are made up of parts that have a stipulated shelf-life. This is why inspection and checks need to be performed to ensure everything is in proper working order. Non-functioning parts that are worn down or damaged lead to accidents.

2. Errors committed by the Pilot-

While pilots train for thousands of hours under different circumstances, human errors can lead to aviation accidents. Not being able to follow a certain instruction or not paying heed to disturbing weather conditions qualify as human errors that are committed by the pilots.

3. FAA Violations and Abuses-

The FAA or the Federal Aviation Authority is the overarching body regulating aviation travel in the country. It always follows the highest standards of rules and regulations to ensure the highest standards of safety and security.

4. Disturbing Weather Conditions-

Sometimes the changes in the weather are so abrupt and come without warning that pilots find it hard to maneuver the plane to safe conditions. Heavy winds particularly affect lighter private planes and helicopters that can get trapped and suffer from casualties in this regard.

How a Personal Injury Attorney can help you in an Aviation Accident

When it comes to personal injuries sustained during aviation crashes, the important thing is to prove fault. This proving of a fault makes the airplane company or charter organization responsible for the accident and the subsequent injuries.

A major component in this regard is Evidence Gathering by the legal expert. If your lawyer has an extended team of investigators, you will be in a much better place to build a case by gathering the right evidence. This can go a long way if the case goes to trial. Data on the prior records of poor safety of the company might also be used as evidence against it.

When it comes to aviation accidents, you need to understand that you are always going up against a rich and big company with a ton of resources. They do not want to be held responsible for two main reasons-

  • The cost of compensation is likely to be very high in case of aviation accidents. This number increases drastically when human lives are lost in an aviation accident
  • By being held guilty by the Court or settling for compensation, is an admission of guilt. In this industry, losing the trust of your customers is akin to committing suicide.

It is because of these two factors that aviation companies fight tooth and nail to not pay compensation or admit their fault in accidents.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the types of injuries that can be sustained in aviation accidents, the following are very common. Injuries to the brain, broken bones, spinal cord, burn from fire, and mental and emotional trauma are some of the most common ones.

Working with an experienced legal expert and law firm that has experience in dealing with aviation accidents is your best bet. This nature of personal injury requires the intervention of experts. They can help you get justice, claim the right compensation and ensure that the loss that you have suffered from the accident is as less as possible.

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