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Upgrade Your Garage Door to Avoid Professional Garage Door Repair

Having a house isn’t easy these days. There are so many things that require regular maintenance. One of those things is our garages and the doors in them. With a garage door, a lot of things can go wrong. Maybe the opener stops working or perhaps the door gets stuck. Not only is this costly to fix but it can also prove to be highly dangerous for your and your family.  Fortunately, there are a lot of ways where you can remove that worry now. Just upgrade the system to a smart one so that you won’t have to worry about the door breaking down. Moreover, you wouldn’t need to pay for Professional Garage Door Repair.

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Benefits of a Smart Garage Door

With only a click of a button, you would be in control of your whole garage. You would not have to walk each time to close the door or be in range. Plus, you could simply ask the voice assistant installed in your home. Whether it be Google Assistant and Alexa, you can inquire about the garage door and get it to close.

You should also note in mind that if you upgrade your garage door system to a smart technology, you would be given a remote device with it. It would just like another traditional remote. But only with this time, you’re also given the many features that come with smart technology.

The only thing you need to take care of is ensuring that you have a stable WiFi connection at all times. If you don’t then there would be problems for you whenever you want to open or close the door.

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Replacing the Garage Opener: Options To Choose From

Upgrading your garage door system entails you changing your door opener. There are different options to choose from. Read about their benefits and drawbacks. Assess which one would be the most suitable for your needs.

Chamberlain Option

This company is well loved by many. It has been providing high quality openers for decades. But what the customers of the company love most about this is that it is an opener that makes virtually no noise. Moreover, there are a lot of features included in their door openers. You get several sensors and even battery backup.
Moreover, some Chamberlain opener models such as C870 or B970 have smart features as well. They are built with Wi-Fi inside them. These models can easily communicate with the Chamberlain MyQ app that is available on both iOS and Android systems. You can easily check if the door of the garage is shut or open using this smart opener. Perhaps, the best part about these is that they are able to effortlessly link with smart systems such as Google Assistant or Amazon Key. You just need to pay a monthly pee of $1 and you’re good to go.

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There are just some things you need to bear in mind. If you are using Google Assistant and linking it with the Chamberlain model, you can only close the door and not open it. Moreover, another thing you need to know is that if your opener only has the MyQ mark on it and not the Wi-Fi one, then you have to get a Hub for it too.

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Ryobi’s Modular Option

What makes this option different from other models is that it offers an in-built Wi-Fi radio along with an app. The app can be used by you to always know whether the door of the garage is open or closed. Moreover, there are options for you to buy add-on modules. Essentially, you can add in a lot of different features using just this Ryobi Smart garage door opener. You can get the module of an air compressor for instance. Some owners love the camera option! Some homeowners have also used the incredibly strong batteries of Ryobi as backup during power outages.

However, the only thing you cannot do with this model is to integrate it with your Google Assistant or with Amazon’s Alexa. You can only use the app to operate the garage door.

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Garadget Option

There’s another option that you can use to upgrade your garage door system. You can simply use a Wi-Fi enabled Garadget. It uses a different technology to check whether the door is shut or not. What it does is that it directs a laser towards a particular area on the door. When the laser touches the area and bounces back, the device tells you that the door is shut.

You can get the Garadget to act like an opener as well by wiring it to the main door opener button. Plus, it can also connect with any of the smart home hubs or assistants that you may have. Some examples of those hubs are Alexa, Home Seer and SmartThings.

How You Will Avoid Repair

Since all of the abovementioned systems are using smart technology, there is a much less chance of your garage door or its opener malfunctioning. With old and outdated technology, you are always at risk. The door can break down in the most unexpected time. You would then have to rely on professional help. It is going to cost you quite a lot. Plus, it is going to take up a lot of your time to go look for the Best Garage Door Repair in your area.

By upgrading the system, you would be saving a lot of time for yourself. You could utilize that time to spend on your work or you could spend it with family. Hence, it is always better to improve the systems of your house.

Moreover, it is also going to give you better security. A simple camera installation is going to help you monitor who is entering and leaving the premises. You would not be caught off guard ever. The smart technology is also going to provide you with the option to schedule a daily closing time for your garage in case you easily forget to do it.


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