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How to Pick Up the Right Lipstick Colour

Roaming the aisle of your favorite online store, you are likely to find yourself floating in a sea of options. It is normal to be confused and wonder what’s the best lipstick shade for you. After all, there are so many different undertones, consistencies, and finishes available. Find here –  Lipstick Colour

Choosing from the options becomes more like a stress test than a fun jaunt. It is not a cakewalk even for professional makeup artists, but there are some basic guidelines you can follow.

First and foremost, the key to the guidelines is to identify your skin’s undertone. Undertones can still be classified into three basic categories – warm, cool and neutral. By the end of this article, you will have a fair idea of how to choose the right lip gloss color.

Understanding the Different Undertones

For Cool Undertones

Women with cool-toned undertones usually have a pink, red or bluish hue to the skin. You can find that out by looking at the veins on your wrist. Besides, if silver jewelry complements your skin tone, you can understand that you have a cool undertone.

  • Blue or purple shades are the best lipsticks for women with a cool undertone.
  • If you love having red lips, incline more towards deep bluish-red hues like a cherry red color.
  • Avoid leaning towards lip shades that are orange-ish in their appearance.
  • One can enhance the natural flush by choosing a rosy, pinkish, or taupe beige shade to have nude lips.

For Neutral Undertones

Those having a neutral undertone are likely to have a mix of a pink and yellow base to their skin. The complexion allows women to go for any lip shade, from light nude shades to deeper wine-like colors. A broad spectrum of colors looks good on their lips, from pink hues and mauve shades to berry colors.

For Warm Undertones

Women with a warm undertone are likely to have yellowish, golden, or olive skin. One can clearly find that out by looking at their veins. If they appear greenish, then you have a warm undertone. Also, women with this undertone tend to look pretty wearing gold jewellery.

  • The best lip shades that look good on warm undertones are fiery red or orange colours.
  • For a bolder appearance, one can also go for copper or gold shades.
  • If you are looking for nude shades, it is good to match your complexion with the lipstick
  • So, if you have a lighter complexion, opt for a paler nude shade, whereas deeper skin tones look good in richer shades.

How to Choose Dark Shades?

Dark shades of lip glosses and balms look fabulous on women, regardless of their complexion. One needs to carefully choose a dark shade with respect to their lip and skin colour. For starters, here are some tips –

  • If it is your first time with a deep shade, try using it with a lip gloss.
  • Lip gloss helps in pulling off dark colors flawlessly.
  • You can also use a shimmer as it also diffuses deep colors effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

The rule of thumb for choosing lipstick is to go with your skin’s undertone. So, it is easier to remember that for warm undertones, go for warm shades. For cool undertones, go for cool shades, and neutral undertones look good in all shades.

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