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Luxury Brands Puma Has Collaborated With

Puma has earned its name as the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. They are one of the most popular clothing and footwear brand in the world and are described by fans as good quality, well made, trendy, popular and good value for money. In 2015, Puma established a collaboration with Rihanna, a Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman who is well known for embracing various musical styles and reinventing her image throughout her career. Rihanna has emerged as the richest female musician in the world, with a fortune considerably bigger than other queens of pop from Madonna to Céline Dion and Beyoncé.

Rihanna is an inspiration for women all over the world as she defends women’s rights by writing songs on them and participating in events as well as supports feminism.  Thus, women identify themselves with her and love her cosmetics brand, Rihanna shoes collection and luxury fashion collection.  By connecting to Rihanna, Puma made a direct connection to a larger female audience, and conveyed the singer’s positive connection with fans to the brand.

Since its birth in Germany in 1948, Puma draws strength and credibility from their heritage in sports. They have relentlessly pushed sport and culture forward by creating fast products for the world’s fastest athletes. Puma shoes are pretty affordable, fashionable, good for leisure wear as well as running. You don’t have to spend more than $100 for very good and comfortable running shoes.

Puma has also collaborated with Sanrio’s iconic Hello Kitty, one of the world’s most loved cartoon characters with a red bow on her head.  The collection sees playful prints, cheerful graphics, bold hues, familiar characters and logos to make Puma street styles a little sweeter and cuter.  The Puma x Hello Kitty collaboration celebrates two style icons made to last forever. It’s a must-have collection for sporty Hello Kitty fans.

On November 22 2019, luxury brand Balmain launched a collaboration with Puma.  The launch is the latest in a trend of luxury brands teaming up with sports companies to make capsule collections.  Balmain is a French luxury fashion house that was founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945.

Puma shoes are known for their smart, sporty style. Whether you’re hitting the court for a ball game, taking a casual stroll or hitting the mall, you need comfortable and durable shoes that augment your look.  Shoes and apparel by Puma have been showcased by professional athletes and celebrities, such as the Silhouette inspired by basketball player Ralph Sampson, the Cali endorsed by Selena Gomez and the Fenty by Rihanna.

We should invest in shoes that are not only fashionable but that will last for a few years.  Choose shoes which closely match our own individuality and uniqueness. Puma shoes are stylish, comfortable, long lasting and there are so many different specialized shoes under this brand. Wearing a pair of Puma shoes can definitely elevate your style and brand-conscious status. Puma shoes are available in most departmental stores and from the official Puma website in over 120 countries. You can also find Puma shoes online at affordable prices from online platforms like Shoebacca

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