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Outdoor Decorating in a Hawaiian Theme

Planning an outdoor event requires you to create a relaxed, pleasant, and informal atmosphere in your garden. A Hawaiian theme wonderfully fulfils these requirements. You can be guaranteed a lot of tropical and tiki décor, casually dressed guests and fruity cocktails. For just such an event, many party supply stores and importers provide speciality decor with Hawaiian and tropical themes. Additionally, many patio and furniture stores have Hawaiian-themed furniture, especially in the warmer months. Find here Outdoor Decorating in a Hawaiian Theme.

6 Best Outdoor Decorating in Hawaiian Ideas

Play Hawaiian island music:

Music definitely sets the mood, so if you’re looking for methods to give the exterior part of your home a tropical feel reminiscent of Hawaii, try some Hawaiian music. It’s an excellent idea to play this music as background noise to maintain the island atmosphere.

Make use of a Hawaii doormat:

Why not take use of your entrance doormat and make sure it exudes a tropical and relaxing vibe for everyone who enters? Use a Hawaiian doormat at your front entrance so that guests may notice it each time they arrive or depart.

Make use of Tiki:

Create your own variation by encircling a table or outdoor bar with grass-skirt material. Use thatching materials to construct a temporary roof over a patio umbrella. Hawaiian outdoor spaces frequently feature woven thatched palm or reed grass, both of which are available from party supply shops. Use tape or tacks to attach this material to the exterior walls of your house or garage, as well as the railings of decks and porches. Use tiki cups to serve beverages and hang tiki masks from trees or outside walls. Also, make use of tiny tiki statues at your patio or yard’s entrances to welcome visitors.

Make the lighting blend:

Even though the sun shines brightly enough throughout the day, a big part of the excitement of outdoor living is taking advantage of the area at night. Tiki torches can be placed along the yard’s edge to instantly transform it into a tropical oasis. A porch railing or fence can be decorated with tiki god-shaped party lights, or you can make floral strand lights by cutting apart silk tropical flowers and putting one petal circle over each bulb. If required, use hot glue to keep the flowers in place. Cut strips of yellow or light green tissue paper, and use a decoupage medium to adhere the strips vertically to glass candle holders to create the appearance of bamboo. When a tea light candle is ignited inside the imitation bamboo, it becomes illuminated.

Make use of accessories and cultivate plants:

To add a whimsical touch, place a surfboard in a prominent location on the property or in the gathering spot. Paint an old ironing board top, a sizable piece of cardboard, or a thick piece of foam, such as a foam insulation board, to resemble a surfboard and add racing stripes. For a whimsical flair, utilize Hawaiian music LP covers gathered from a thrift store or antique trip posters that you can hang on an outdoor wall. The patio or gathering space is lined with potted palm trees or silk palms. Add some tropical flowers to your table setting or collect a few in a tiki mug that doubles as a vase.

Furnish the exterior appropriately:

Bamboo and fabrics with flower prints are frequently used as design components in Hawaiian patio furniture and hotel rooms. Armchairs made of bamboo or wicker if you can’t get bamboo and outdoor cushions with a tropical flower print will complete your patio. Furniture made of resin that mimics bamboo is a good option if exposure to the outdoor is a problem.

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