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Quick and Effective Home Treatments That Have Become Hugely Popular In 2023

The global pandemic saw a huge growth in home treatments, as people were faced with lockdown and extended bouts of isolation periods. Despite the gradual easing of Covid-19 restrictions, home treatments remain massively popular and are set to continue growing throughout 2023 – below are the ones that will be the most popular this year.

Self Tanners

Self-tanning used to be a high-risk affair; streaks, patchy bits, and uneven tone could all combine to create not the most highly desirable of effects. Now, however, things have come on leaps and bounds, and quality self-tanning products are both affordable and do a much better job than their forebears.

Tanning mousses are a great, easy option: water-based foam makes for super easy application, which goes on evenly, and, best of all, there’s no need to rinse off in the shower afterward. This type of self-tanner is sure to reign supreme in 2022: not least because it dries quickly, too, so you can get a sun-kissed, golden glow easily all year round.

Teeth Whitening Kits

Over lockdown, teeth whitening kits took off as an at-home option to help people achieve whiter, cleaner-looking teeth. Advances in this industry have seen LED technology being combined with traditional whitening serums to make for a quicker, more convenient treatment that can be undertaken in the comfort of users’ own homes.

Have a look at for one such option: this kit includes a serum that is applied to the front of the teeth, after which an LED mouthpiece is inserted gently into the mouth. The light works to activate the whitening agents in the serum, resulting, in just a week’s time (when used as per the instructions), in brighter, stain-free teeth. As well as the gel and LED light mouthpiece, a special applicator is included in the kit, as well as a storage case, vials for the whitening serum, and lip treatment to care for the lips and keep them moist during treatment. 

Hot Oil Hair Treatments And Masks

For many of us, growing our hair over lockdown wasn’t optional unless we fancied having a hack ourselves. For those of us who resisted this temptation, we found ourselves unexpectedly in charge of longer locks that needed more care and attention.

Hot oil at-home treatments for the hair are set to continue being popular over the coming year: this deep treatment penetrates hair strands to give a lustrous shine and healthy texture and serves to help prepare damage caused by the regular use of tongs and straighteners, for example.

Hair masks, too, have now become a standard part of our pampering regime rather than a once-yearly treat. The additional time that many of us found on our hands over lockdown saw the proliferation of homemade hair masks and treatments that were better for both our hair and the environment. 

Want an example of a quick-make hair mask recipe? No problem: simply mix one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey in a small bowl, and then put in a pan and heat gently until the mixture melts. Apply evenly to hair (ensuring it’s not too hot first), and then cover hair with a shower cap. Leave for approximately twenty minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Ta da! Gloriously glossy hair.

Home Manicures

Gone are the days of needing to visit the salon to get perfectly pampered nails. This year, we’re taking matters into our own hands (literally) and treating our hands to home beautification. After shaping and filing, push back cuticles gently (you may also want to use a cuticle remover to help this process along) with a cuticle stick, and then exfoliate your hands before applying any polish. As well as making for the smoothest surface possible, this little step is relaxing and also serves to remove dead skin cells and replenish moisture. After this step, you may want to apply hand lotion to soften the skin and leave your mitts feeling lavished with love.

Now you’re ready for the fun part: applying the color! Let the first coat of polish dry completely before applying a second coat, and, after this, add a top coat to add shine, promote extra durability and seal in the color.

There are complete manicure-in-a-box kits that come with everything you need to achieve a salon-perfect manicure at home quickly and easily, and they are on the way to becoming the at-home beauty trend of the year.

Easy Eyelash Extensions

Previously the province of the beauty salon only, new at-home eyelash extension kits will dominate DIY beauty treatments in the coming year. The entire application process usually only takes about fifteen minutes, and you can expect the extensions to stay on for around ten days. The results are beautiful, natural-looking lashes at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay to have a professional apply them.

There may be an element of trial and error to find the perfect length and volume of eyelash extensions for you, but once you’ve found the set that you’re happy with and have had a couple of trial runs in terms of application, you’ll find applying (and removing) them a breeze!

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