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What Should I Wear Makeup On a Plane ? Effects Of Wearing Makeup On a Plane

Makeup has become an integral part of many women’s everyday life. Wearing makeup gives them a sense of confidence and they feel more beautiful, inside and out. If you’re one such makeup enthusiast who feels the same way, chances are good that you wear makeup every day and everywhere. Find for makeup removal.

But, hold on, have you ever given a second thought on the impact of wearing makeup on flights? If you haven’t, this is for you: today’s discussion will revolve around the effects of wearing full makeup on a plane. Before you start freaking out, keep on reading so you can understand the risks and benefits of wearing makeup while in the air.

How to Wearing Makeup While Flying ?

What Happens to Our Skin on a Plane?

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Ladies, you might feel bad hearing that air travel with full makeup can leave you with dry skin, eyes, and lips. But do you know why this is? It’s because the humidity in the cabin is lower than what we are used to, making the skin lose its moisture and become dehydrated. Wearing heavy makeup on flights can clog the pores and contribute to acne, wrinkles, and increased risks of skin irritation. Additionally, travel stress leads to several skin problems by encouraging the release of stress hormones that emerge as redness and inflammatory conditions of the skin.

What are the Pros of Wearing Makeup on a Plane?

Wearing Makeup on a Plane
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You undoubtedly agree that makeup can enhance someone’s beauty and give them a feeling of happiness. For instance, what if you have a meeting right after you land? What if you bumped into someone and you look absolutely dull? And wait, what about the selfies that you have to post on your social media handles?
While wearing makeup on a plane increases the probability of breakouts, you have to admit that it can also make you feel better. But what if there’s another option? Going with a natural look with an effective skin-care regime will not only protect rather than harm your skin, but it will also make you look fresher on arrival. Using naturally effective ways of deep moisturizing the skin and keeping up its hydration levels are the best skincare routines to follow for getting fresher skin as soon as you land.
How Should You Prepare Your Skin for Flights?
Hydration is key to resolving several skin issues up in the air. Therefore, before boarding a flight you need to fill up the fluid requirements of your body if you want to look and feel refreshed before and after you board the plane. You also need to eat healthy green veggies and fruits to get more liquids and nutrients into your body. If you get bored of the taste of water, squeeze fresh lemon for a flavor boost. You can also drink coconut water and fresh juices without any preservatives for fresh looking skin before a flight.
Besides that, you should also consider the following tips before boarding:
✔ Carry a water bottle so you can keep a track of how much water you drink.
✔ Pack healthy snacks like fresh and juicy fruits, oats, nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt, etc.
✔ Reach the airport a few hours prior to your boarding time so you can stay calm and stress-free.
✔ Avoid skin-tight clothes that suffocate your skin and lead to skin rashes, irritation, and infections. Instead, opt for loose, comfy clothes.

What should be your in-Flight Skincare Routine?

Flight Skincare Routine
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You need to take extra care of your skin while travelling on a plane. Keep the tips below so you have flawless skin on arrival:
✔ It’s best to remove makeup before your boarding has started. Use a normal face wash to get rid of the layers of makeup on your skin.

✔ Since the requirements of hydration increase on flights, it’s advised to drink 0.2 to 0.4 liters of water every hour on a plane to stay well-hydrated. But sufficient amount of water is personal and depends on, for example, the person’s weight.
✔ Use natural moisturizers that act as a skin barrier against free-radicals, dryness, and UV radiation. Try out any of the following moisturizers that replenish and rejuvenate the skin:

● Coconut oil
● Aloe vera gel
● Honey
● Shea butter
● Milk
● Cucumber juice
● Avocado

Note: If it’s not feasible to carry any of these, you can use any chemical-free tinted moisturizer to hydrate the skin.
✔ Eat fresh green veggies and juicy fruits (apples, watermelon, grapes, strawberries and lemon) to naturally keep your skin hydrated and glowing.
fresh and pure cold-pressed juice to provide your skin with the utmost benefits. Cold-pressed juice upholds and preserves essential nutrients more than regular juice. Here are the best cold-pressed juice varieties that supply hydration and are best for the skin:
● Watermelon
● Pineapple
● Carrot
● Beetroot
● Tomato
● Lemon

✔ Lastly, get enough sleep so you look and feel fresh.

What Should Be Avoided to Maintain Your Skin’s Health on a Flight?

Skin’s Health on a Flight
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If you want to know how to look good after flying for hours, read on and find out what are some things you should avoid to achieve a natural glow:
✔ Don’t travel while wearing makeup, no matter if it’s a short or long flight.
✔ Limit the use of artificial products that double up problems for the skin. Never use pigmented products like concealers, correctors, and foundation either.
✔ Stay away from unhealthy processed food that causes acne breakouts, dehydration, and dull skin.
Avoid sugary energy drinks, sodas, and juices filled with chemicals that can dehydrate the skin.
✔ Drinking alcohol is the worst thing that you could do for your skin on flights as well, as it leads to maximum dryness of the skin through dehydration.

Final Thoughts

Following the tips we covered today will make it easier to look and feel fresh and stunning as soon as you land. We also want to let you know that, whatever your reason for wearing makeup, you should always wear it for your own reasons as opposed to what society or those around you are telling you. Each one of us is flawed in one way or another, and that’s one of the things that makes us unique and special. Have a safe and happy flying!

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