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Top Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing is becoming more common these days. The truth is, younger generations are embracing a minimalistic lifestyle, and older generations simply want a more manageable living space. So,it’s hardly surprising that downsizing has become more than just a short-lived trend.

What are the advantages of downsizing?

There are lots of advantages that come with downsizing. Some of the main ones include:

  • Less space to manage (yay!)
  • Saving money (which means higher disposable income)
  • The potential to move to a more appealing location

So,it’s fair to assume that you’re in the mood for downsizing because you’re reading this. Or, perhaps you’ve already planned everything, and are just weeks away from moving to your new (and smaller) home? Whatever your situation may be, here are some mega helpful tips to make your downsizing experience and transition stress-free.

1.    Rent a storage unit

Naturally, downsizing means that there’s less space for your existing possessions (as well as any items you buy in the future). This scenario can be stressful for a lot of people, as no one wants to have to throw away their possessions, particularly those that are expensive and have sentimental value.

If you can relate to this, here’s something to relax your mind. Instead of needlessly throwing away your possessions, you can simply rent a storage unit. You can store all the items you need to at a storage unit – big or small; fragile or hard. The best part about this? Storage units are super affordable and secure. For the best possible storage unit, visit Storage Locker. Plus, whenever you want to retrieve your items, you can just head down to your storage unit, unlock it, and take them away. It’s that easy!

2.    Follow a plan when packing

The packing process is arguably the toughest (and most emotional) part of downsizing. This is when those inevitable inklings of doubt enter your mind, and you become slowly overwhelmed. If this happens to you, don’t stress about it – it’s normal.

To help make packaging your belongings easier, it’s recommended that you create a plan. In this plan, you should list rooms in order of priority – for example, you will pack your bedroom belongings first. Whatever you do, don’t pack randomly (meaning don’t quickly zoom from one room to another). Everything must be done in a structured and sensible order.

You also need to plan how you will package your items. Delicate items, from TVs to wine glasses, need to have compact packaging, preferably filled with bubble wrap or soft towels, to ensure no damage occurs.

3.    Get help from friends and family

Downsizing is difficult, whether you live alone or are moving with a large family. To make matters easier, seek help from your friends and family.

They’ll be able to lend a hand on moving day and will be more than happy to help transfer your furniture and other items to your new home. This is a wise plan, as it means you won’t have to hire a removals company.

However, if you can’t collectively manage your belongings as a group, then it’s worth it to just hire a removalcompanyinstead.

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