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Ways to Make Your Best Friend’s Birthday Special

Best friends make the world a better place. They are there for you through ups and downs, stand by you no matter what, laugh with you, cry with you, accompany you when doing insane stuff and are an assurance that even if everything in the world goes wrong; you can always count on them. Here – Ways to Make Your Best Friend’s Birthday Special

If life is in chaos; being with your best friend will certainly make everything fall back in place. They provide the shelter you seek on a stormy day. Though you hardly say it; you are indebted to them, love them more than anything in the world and are so glad they exist.

It takes a lot to have someone as your best friend. Hence, when the birthday of the best friend who was there for you through thick and thins nears, you must put in your best effort to make it impeccable and portray just how much you cherish their friendship!

Coming up with ideas to make your best friend’s birthday special is more challenging than you think. As a best friend, it is your responsibility to ensure the celebration is grand and perfect. But if you have been celebrating birthdays together for a long time now; you might have run out of ideas.

Here we have come up with a bunch of ideas that can help you plan something unique

Digital birthday video message surprise

What if you and your best friend don’t stay in close proximity? How do you ensure their birthday is still made special? Fret not! Digital surprises are at your rescue. Sure, digital surprises can never replace the real; but they can definitely serve a purpose timely. Perhaps the best digital surprise for your best friend is a birthday video message. Ask your best friend’s close friends and family to film themselves wishing your best friend a happy birthday and talking about memories or what makes your best friend special. Combine the footage with some photographs and fun videos and compile it all using tools. This is arguably a very heartwarming gift and is slowly gaining prominence in society due to its flexibility, versatility, affordability and meaningfulness.

Sweep them off their feet

The usual parties are way too common for your best friend now; this year go out of the way and do something unthinkable. You could tell your best friend that a party won’t be possible cause no one can show up. Then you take them to a location where your entire friend circle has gathered up! It could be their favorite café or club. Their disappointment will instantly be superseded by amazement!

Plan a night over

The joy of celebrating a birthday at 12 in the night with your friends just can’t be explained. You can plan a sleepover at your friend’s place and invite over other friends at sharp 12 in the night! When the group of friends show up at 12 at the door with balloons, cake and smiles; your best friend will probably be in happy tears. Try to include your best friend’s long-lost friends too to make it even more special! You can then spend the night hanging out and having fun.

Plan a night over

Plan a surprise getaway

Show up at the door of your friend, honk at 5 AM in the morning and tell them to pack! The road trip is a best-friend fantasy for so many of us! Haven’t we all at least at one point in time in life dreamt of our best friend suddenly showing up and then going on a long trip with them! Decide on a location that your friend always wanted to go to. By the river, in the woods, to an amusement park; it could be anywhere! You can rent an open roof car and drive as the wind gushes!

Plan a surprise getaway

A bunch of presents

A birthday can just not be imagined without a bunch of presents! Think thoroughly and get things your best friend always craved! If they are a book lover; get them books by their favorite authors, if they love coffee, get them a coffee maker and so on. Try and get a gift that has a personal touch and isn’t something generic.

A bunch of presents

Plan their whole day

Wake them up with a bunch of flowers at their doorstep or let them open the door to a box which when opened lets out a bunch of balloons with a Happy birthday note! Send them a fancy morning breakfast with a heartfelt greeting card. Throw them a party with a theme they would prefer, get them a scrumptious cake of their favorite flavor and end the day watching a movie they absolutely adore.

It is always a good idea to seek advice from your best friend on how they would like to spend their day. But make sure you don’t give up on the element of surprise. Making your best friend’s birthday special sounds like much work, doesn’t it? Trust us, it will all be worth it; when you see the wide smile on your best friend’s face!

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