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Which Dresses are Suitable for Pregnant Ladies? Top 10 Maternity Dresses

This article is presenting the top 10 dresses for pregnant women with a budget-friendly option.

Motherhood is a special journey in every women’s life. During this period, a pregnant woman deserves the best care. Not only the food and medical support, but they also need a comfortable delivery for both pregnancy and post-pregnancy periods. Now you may ask which dress is suitable for pregnant ladies. Then the answer is a maternity dress. These maternity dresses are ideal for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. If you are confused about the dressings ideas, then here you will get all the answers. So, my lovely friends and most beautiful would-be mothers, this article is about the top 10 dresses for pregnant women.

Top 10 Dresses for Pregnant Women

1. Pretty Maternity Tunics and Tops

Tunics-tops are ideal dress ideas for pregnant ladies. Polly cotton fabric of this pregnancy wis is perfect for pregnant women and this material is breathable. Maternity dresses have to be comfortable for the would-be mother. And this collection has so many graceful and comfortable styles that anyone can wear. Throughout the Maternity period would be mothers can easily carry this dressing style. Would be mothers can choose different types of colours according to their wish and choice. These Maternity tops and tunics provide 100% comfort. You will get too many options for this section in an online shop.

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Dresses for Pregnant Women

Pretty Maternity Tunics and Tops

Pretty Maternity Tunics and Tops

Price – 699 Rs.
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2. Kaftan Kurtis

This is another perfect dress code for pregnant ladies. Kaftan Kurtis is highly ideal for the pregnancy period after the first trimester. Gradually in 4 or 5 months baby bump is starting to be visible. That is why pregnant women need to wear that kind of dress which can give more space to the baby bump. The speciality of the kaftan Kurtis is those dresses are made up of cotton. And cotton material is always good for anyone, especially for would-be mothers. Maternity dresses are generally two types that are long length and short length. Both types can be worn with Palazzo or leggings. The women with their baby bumps can wear kaftan Kurtis. Too many colours and styles are available in both online and offline markets.

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Kaftan Kurtis Kaftan Kurtis

Price – 499 Rs.

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3. One-piece Gown

Would be mothers generally continue their office up to their second trimester, which means 6 months of pregnancy. Due to their upcoming baby bump, they cannot wear regular office dresses for daily purposes. So one piece gown will be the best for a working would-be mother. Not only that, non-working pregnant women can also wear a one-piece gown whenever they visit a doctor or go for short work. These dresses are the perfect option for maternity dresses for photoshoots. Would be mothers should choose cotton gowns or poly cotton gowns instead of synthetic material. Cotton and polycotton materials will give full comfort as they are breathable. One-piece gowns are easily available in both offline and online markets, and pregnant women should choose ankle length or below the knee length gown.


One-piece Gown

Price – 699 Rs.
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4. Flair Anarkali Kurtis

Pregnant women who want a traditional look can easily choose this option. Not only for daily office wear or walking would mothers deserve another dressing choice for parties. A woman is pregnant that does not mean she cannot join any social party. Flair Anarkali Kurtis is Indian traditional wear for pregnant ladies. These are perfect for pregnant women who want to attend any kind of social gathering. These dresses are made up of generally soft silk or cotton with embroidery work. So those dresses look gorgeous and pregnant women can easily carry those dresses with light makeup and jewellery. Normal Anarkali suits are heavy and during pregnancy would be mothers can feel suffocation while wearing those. But flair Anarkali Kurtis is perfect for would-be mothers.

Flair Anarkali Kurtis

Price – 1699 Rs.
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Flair Anarkali Kurtis

Price – 555 Rs.
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5. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are the best pregnancy dresses. Throughout the pregnancy, the period means starting from the first trimester to the third trimester pregnant women can easily wear maxi dresses.  Maxi dresses are highly comfortable as well as stylish and there are so many options in colour and print. This is the best option for maternity wear under 500. Maxi dresses material can be very from cotton to pollycotton and all are tremendously comfortable for pregnant women. Women with both large and small baby bumps can easily wear maxi dresses without any hesitation. Would be mothers have to choose their dress material according to their comfort.

Maternity Dresses - Buy Pregnancy Dress Online in India | Myntra

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses

Price – 476 Rs.
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6. Feeding Kurtis

Pregnancy is continuing its journey after the delivery of the baby as the post-pregnancy period. Women after the delivery need the same comfort and caring same as during the pregnancy period. Before the delivery would be mother carries the baby on their own but during the post-pregnancy period, they have to breastfeed the baby. So normal kurtas or dresses are not ideal for breastfeeding mothers. That is why they need post-pregnancy wear Kurtis for breastfeeding. So, with comfort, they can frequently breastfeed their baby. This Kurtis is made of cotton and any breastfeeding mother can wear these dresses anytime even if they’re going outside. Different colours are available so breastfeeding mothers can easily choose these dresses in both online and offline markets.

Feeding Kurtis

Feeding Kurtis

Feeding Kurtis

Feeding Kurtis

Price – 426 Rs.
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7. Maternity Leggings

Pregnant mothers need to choose a proper bottom and carry their baby bum without feeling any elastic pressure. Pregnant mothers can easily pair they are tops and feed Kurtis with stylish Maternity leggings during both post-pregnancy and pregnancy periods. These leggings are highly come for triple and made up of cotton material so they can provide 100% comfort to the pregnant mother. These leggings are designed to offer ample comfort to the tummy at all times. So mothers who continue their journey during pregnancy and post-pregnancy can easily wear these leggings whenever they are going out.

Maternity Leggings Maternity Leggings

Price – 695 Rs.
Buy Now

Maternity Leggings

Maternity Leggings

Price – 699 Rs.
Buy Now

8. Activewear Pants

Women during pregnancy and post-pregnancy need to do light workouts like yoga or walking. So they need a dressing option that can provide full comfort. These pants offer all the comfort to the pregnant mother during their work or yoga. Pregnant women can easily get a wide range of stylish and trendy activewear pants. These pants keep skin dry as it has moisturizer wicking Technology bad quickly evaporates The annoying sweat. So pregnant mothers can easily concentrate on their workouts or happily continue their morning or evening walk with 100% comfort.

best yoga dress for pregnant mothers


9. Feeding Nightgown

Nightgowns are essential in a woman’s life, but normal nightgowns are not well coming after the post-pregnancy period. As babies need to breastfeed before sleep, breastfeeding mothers need to feed nightgowns. These gowns are comfortable and also provide corporation to breastfeeding mothers. With their post-pregnancy journey, women can easily breastfeed their child and continue the comfort of nightgowns during sleeping time. Like other nightgowns, there are so many options, and all are lightweight and highly comfortable.

top 10 dress for pregnant women

10. Sleepwear and PJ Sets

Pregnant women need good sleep to continue a healthy pregnancy journey. But due to their increasing baby bump, they cannot sleep comfortably as they are used to before pregnancy. So would be mothers need comfortable Sleepwear and PJ sets. This sleepwear and PJs are cute and comfortable. Would-be mommies can easily continue breastfeeding as the top comes with a horizontal zipper.

top 10 dress for pregnant women

The lovely would be mommies, see being pregnant means that you have to stop everything. This beautiful journey is special for you and your baby both. If you search pregnancy dress Flipkart or pregnancy dress Amazon, then you will get too many options. So, cheer up and enjoy your motherhood by being active with these amazing maternity dress ideas.


FAQ About Maternity dresses:

Which dress is suitable during pregnancy?

Dresses with soft material and free size are suitable during pregnancy.

What clothes do avoid pregnancy?

Synthetic clothes should be avoided during pregnancy.

What is the most comfortable cloth for pregnancy?

Soft cotton is the most comfortable cloth for pregnancy.

Can I wear regular dresses while pregnant?

No, you cannot wear regular dresses during pregnancy. You have to wear Maternity dresses as those are highly comfortable and ideal for the pregnancy period.

What should a pregnant woman wear?

A pregnant woman should wear Maternity dresses as those are ideal for pregnancy.

What dresses to wear when pregnant?

Any kind of Maternity dress needs to be worn when a lady is pregnant.

How to wear a dress during pregnancy?

Would mothers need to wear carefully dresses during pregnancy? If they choose loose feet but stylish Maternity dresses then they can easily handle everything.


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