Why do best surgeons suggest a combination of breast lift and augmentation procedures?

Most of the women want to enhance the size of the breast along with the appearance. As such, it is advisable to undertake breast implants with breast lift procedures. Breast lift surgery is also known as mastopexy surgery. It is a procedure that aims at removing excess surrounding tissue and skin, thereby leading to the tightening of the breast. It is a perfect procedure to change the breast contour and make it firm. Breast upliftment is a ubiquitous procedure among those women who want to uplift their droopy breasts. 

Uplifting your breast can rejuvenate your figure and add youthful vigor and appearance to your look. However, an only breast lifting procedure is not enough to give you the desired youthful appearance. You have to club it up with breast augmentation procedures to provide you with the desired youthful appearance.

Breast augmentation is either done with gel, Silicon, or Saline implants. To get your ideal contour, you should go for both the procedures to give you the desired breast contour. You must consult the right surgeon who can consider your body shape and goals and suggest the most appropriate surgery. 

Who is an excellent candidate to go for both the procedures?

You can opt for a breast lift with a breast augmentation procedure only if you fulfill certain conditions. You cannot opt for these procedures if your body does not permit you to do so.    

You must consult an expert before you undertake any of the procedures.

 Many women get bothered by droopy and saggy breasts. It affects the confidence if your breast lacks volume and shape. Some breast looks unattractive because the nipples fall below the crease of the breast. 

When nipples and areolas point downwards, it might look unappealing too many women. Enlarged areolas also appear unattractive to many women. Women who have unequal breasts size feel uncomfortable and low on confidence.

A combination of both surgeries offers some unique benefits

However, the Singapore top plastic surgeon has clarified that the risk involved in both surgeries is the same. It does not matter either you go for one surgery at a time or both surgeries together generally. Combining both the surgeries have multiple benefits, but you have to consult the right surgeon. The surgeon should have extensive knowledge about both surgeries to carry out the procedure in an impeccable manner.

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